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Advertise your rental property on OneRoof

myRent can listing your property for rent on and give your advert more exposure and attract yet another sector of potential tenants.

OneRoof is a new property portal from NZME that aims to bring property listings, news, data and all the other information you need to make your property decisions into one website. It’s an exciting alternative that allows properties to be displayed with significantly more information.

Historically property in NZ has been listed on Trade Me and With Trade Me’s dominance of the online marketplace and being owned by REINZ and NZ’s 6 biggest agents there is space in the market for an independently owned site that focuses on buyers and renters needs.

With the resources of OneRoof’s owners (NZME) through their print, web and radio assets myRent expects OneRoof to grow quickly and provide a true alternative. New competition might mean exisiting providers will accelerate their development, meaning wins for consumers.

OneRoof does not allow landlords to advertise directly however myRent has a direct agreement and allows landlords to access this audience in our $75 advertising package.

At the moment there is no upgraded packages available from OneRoof but we will be sure to bring them to you once they are released.

OneRoof enquires are delivered to you via email and through your myRent dashboard. Having your enquires from all our partner websites in one place makes managing and organising viewings a lot more convenient.

myRent expects the quality of enquires from OneRoof to be very good due to the fact the OneRoof is initially going to be generating most of their traffic via their news focused papers and websites.

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