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Advertise your rental property on Trade Me

myRent can list your property for rent on Trade Me for a lower price than listing directly. We will also list your property on the 3 other big property sites as part of the same package. Don't miss out on the perfect tenant by only listing on one website.

Trade Me is NZ’s biggest rental listing website with most agents and many private landlords advertising their rental listing here. For many kiwi tenants it is the go to location to search properties for rent. Trade Me generates 44% of all enquires landlords receive through myRent.

myRent’s $75 advertising option provides landlords with a cheaper option than listing directly with Trade Me with the added benefit of also listing your property on, OneRoof,, Facebook and of course myRent. Landlords also have the convenience of being able to edit or remove their listing from one location and it is updated across all sites.

myRent also offers the Trade Me feature listing upgrade for $25+GST which makes the property stand out more in search results and therefore generates more enquires.

Enquires from Trade Me are delivered to you via email and through your myRent dashboard. Having your enquires from all our partner websites in one place makes managing and organising viewings a lot more convenient.

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