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Automated rent collection

Secure, reliable, automated rent collection accessible 24/7 on mobile, tablet or computer. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and bank account reconciliation.

Rent dashboard showing the rent split between tenants and the breakdown of previous and future rent payments

Tenant reminders

Tenants set up their recurring rent payment to myRent and receive a reminder 2 days before each rent is due. Reminding tenants to have funds in their account significantly reduces accidental missed payments.

Mobile reminder that rent is due in 2 days
Bank account showing rent coming in from tenants and going straight out to landlords

Rent transferred fast

It's your money, we want to get it to you as fast as possible. Rent is transferred to you the same day it's received.

More efficient way to pay rent

myRent is a registered bill payee with all major banks. To pay rent, tenants don’t need to find and copy account numbers, just search for in internet banking – no matter who they bank with. No more mistyped account details, no more missed payments.

myRent rent dashboard gives great insight into the state of the tenancy

Complete visibility

You are notified once rent has been collected and transferred to your bank account. From your dashboard you can see a full history of past rent payments and when the next payment is due.

Multiple tenants managed for you

Rent is collected from each tenant individually with a summary available through your dashboard. Rent is transferred to you in a single payment.

Doughnut chart breaking down the split of rent between tenants
Dashboard indicating that a rent payment is overdue

Arrears addressed

Should a rent payment fail to arrive the tenant will be contacted and asked to make payment immediately. Failing this a 14 day Notice to Remedy will be issued. Should you need to take things further a complete digital record of the tenancy can be generated for the tribunal.

WINZ payments

myRent is a registered WINZ supplier which means we can accept payments directly from WINZ for tenants who qualify for accommodation payments. Approved tenants need to use supplier number CUR001535505 when setting up or redirecting their payment.

WINZ logo

Automatic rent collection is included in our 1% management service

Risk free 3 month trial

We are so confident you’ll love myRent we are giving you your first months for free. There is no contract, so you can leave anytime.

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Do you make any deductions from the rent?

The only thing that’s ever deducted from the rent is the 1% (+GST) management fee.

The balance of the rent is transferred to your bank account and a statement is provided through the rent section of your dashboard.

How do you pay the landlord?

You nominate the bank account you want the rent paid into. This can be any NZ retail bank (Sorry myRent cannot transfer to international bank accounts).

Rent will be transferred the same day it clears in myRent’s bank account.

How do tenants pay their rent?

The majority of tenants pay their rent via bank transfer. myRent is setup as an offical bill payer with all the main NZ banks to make payments easier.

Tenants also have the option to pay their rent via credit or debt card. Paying by card attracts a card fee which is paid by the tenant to cover the merchant fees.

Are there any extra fees?

myRent’s management service is 1% (+GST), there are no other fees.

myRent tenant find service is charged separately and is not included in our management service.

Tenants do not pay any fees for our service except if they choose to pay rent via card in which case a merchant fee is collected and passed onto the card processor.

What happens if the tenancy has already started?

myRent is designed to work equally well for new tenancies and existing tenancies. If you have an existing tenancy you specify the date you want myRent to take over rent collection and we take over from there.

Is automated rent collection compliant?

Yes myRent is built around the Residential Tenancies Act so rent is collected correctly. Records are kept longer than the 7 years required by the IRD.

Tenants can access a complete history of rent payments anytime from their dashboard so rent receipts and statements are no longer required to stay compliant.