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Everything you need to manage rent

3 options for collecting rent for all types of landlords

Smart DIY rent collection

An easy way to keep accurate records and track rent payments. Tenants pay rent directly into your bank account. You enter rent in myRent, we document it on the rent statement that is available for you and your tenants.

Great for Landlords who want to look after payments manually.

Automated rent collection

Connect your bank account to myRent via bank feeds. Tenants pay rent directly into your account. Payments are automatically tracked, the rent statement is updated for you, and overdue alerts are sent to your email.

Great for Landlords who want to streamline rent collection while still being in control.

Hands-Free rent collection

Spend more time doing what you want and less time worrying about rent. myRent collects rent for you, reconciles it, provides real-time updates, and chases arrears. Tenants have various options to pay rent. Rent is transferred to your account within one business day.

+ $12
per property/month
Great for Busy landlords who want to set and forget rent. myRent looks after rent for you.

New tenancies

Easy onboarding of new tenancies. myRent provides clear, step-by-step instructions to get your tenancy set up. It sets a professional tone from the start. Stay organised by tracking the rent from day one.

Existing tenancies

Easy to set up with existing tenancies. Transition your tenants with no or minimal disruption. It supports existing arrears, initial partial payments, or credit balance. Start tracking from the date that suits you.
DIY rent collection
Automated rent collection
Hands-Free rent collection
Digital rent statement
Clear, easy to understand online rent statement that shows you and your tenants the exact state of rent. View demo
How rent is received
Tenants pay rent directly into your bank account.
Tenants pay rent directly into your bank account using a unique payment reference.
Tenants pay rent directly to myRent. We communicate with the tenant on how to set this up. Rent is transferred to you within a business day.
How rent is reconciled
You manually reconcile payments, and myRent will remind you when a payment is expected.
Tenants pay rent directly into your bank account using a unique payment reference.
myRent reconciles rent for you. We will let you know when rent has been received and is on the way to your account.
Tenant payment set up
Tenants pay rent as they usually would. Tenants can access your bank details securely through myRent anytime.
Tenants pay rent as they usually would, however we provide them with a unique payment reference. Tenants can access your bank details securely through myRent anytime.
myRent is set up as a bill payer with all the major banks, making tenant auto-payment set up easy and mistake free.
Multiple tenants
myRent’s online rent statement is set up to reconcile and track payments from multiple tenants. Landlord(s) and tenants are kept informed all of the time.
Multiple landlords
Co-own your properties? Multiple landlords can access the rent statement and reconcile payments.
Keep an eye on things through your online rent statement. Arrears are calculated and tracked in myRent, but you are responsible for chasing the arrears.
We let you know if a tenant has missed a payment. Arrears are calculated and tracked in myRent, but you are responsible for chasing the arrears.
myRent will chase the tenant for arrears and keep you informed.
Payment plans
Help your tenants catch up on arrears by creating and agreeing on a customised payment plan. Your rent schedule and reminders will be adjusted and payments tracked.
14 day notice to remedy
You'll be provided options to digitally create, serve, and track 14 day notices to remedy.
Rent adjustments, payment holidays & rent increases
Easily make adjustments to rent. myRent will modify the rent statement and keep track of all the adjustments.
Rent payment by card
Not available.
Tenants can pay rent by credit or debit card. This is powerful tool in clearing arrears quickly, even when cashflow is tight.
WINZ payments
You’ll need to register and liaise with the tenant and WINZ.
myRent is set up as an official WINZ supplier (CUR001535505), which means setting up payments is a breeze.
Bills (e.g. Water)
Upload your bills. Tenants will pay you directly, and you’ll reconcile payments within myRent.
Upload your bills and tenant will pay you directly using a unique payment reference. myRent will automatically reconcile these payments. You can make manual adjustments anytime.
You upload the bill and myRent will look after the payment. We will send payment reminders and overdue notices, chase arrears and allow tenants to pay via bank transfer, debit or credit card.
Included in our management plan
Included in our management plan
+ $12
per property/month

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Full transparency for landlords and tenants

Rent statement
A simple rent statement view makes it easy for both you and your tenants to see when rent payments are due, what is paid and what is outstanding.
A rent timeline gives you a complete picture of your rent history. It shows all the due dates and payments in easy-to-follow chronological order.
Notices & Payment Plans
A simple way to serve notices. From rent increases and payment plans to 14 day notices to remedy - we help you prepare paperwork when needed.


Do you make any reductions from the rent?

No. The balance of the rent is transferred to your bank account and a statement is provided through the rent section of your dashboard.

How do you pay the landlord?

When using our Hands-Free rent collection option, you nominate the bank account you want the rent paid into. This can be any NZ retail bank (Sorry myRent cannot transfer to international bank accounts).

Rent will be transferred to you within one business day of it clearing myRent's bank account.

How do tenants pay their rent?

With Hands-Free rent collection, the majority of tenants pay their rent via bank transfer. myRent is set up as an official bill payer with all the main NZ banks to make payments easier.

Tenants also have the option to pay their rent via credit or debt card. Paying by card attracts a card fee which is paid by the tenant to cover the merchant fees.

Are there any extra fees?

myRent's management pricing starts at $17 per month. Learn more about our pricing.

Tenants do not pay any fees for our service except if they choose to pay rent via card in which case a merchant fee is collected and passed onto the card processor.

What happens if the tenancy has already started?

myRent is designed to work equally well for new tenancies and existing tenancies. If you have an existing tenancy you specify the date you want myRent to take over rent collection and we take over from there.

Is Hands-Free Rent Collection compliant?

Yes, myRent is built around the Residential Tenancies Act so rent is collected correctly. Records are kept longer than the 7 years required by the IRD.

Tenants can access a complete history of rent payments anytime from their dashboard so rent receipts and statements are no longer required to stay compliant.

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