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Exclusive benefits for your utilities with Renti

We are pleased to announce Renti and myRent have partnered up in order to provide the best deals and offers for utilities to our customers. myRent customers receive deals on utilities that you wouldn't be able to get directly from providers.

myRent is partnered with renti to provide the best deals on utilities

The best utility deals for our customers. Get up to $200 off your first electricity bill. Really.


Get up to $200 off your first electricity bill. Renti works with the best suppliers in NZ to bring you the best electricity deals.

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Want unlimited fibre internet for $75 a month? Renti can help you with getting the best internet deals for your home.

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Get up to $200 off your first gas bill. Renti can get you energy offers and deals not usually available to the public.

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Utility deals exclusive to myRent customers
  • Genesis Energy
    Power and Gas Bundle
    $150 Credit on bundle
    $100 credit Power only
    Monthly discounts
    Free Powershouts available
    12 month Contract
  • Meridian
    $200 credit
    12 month contract
  • Contact Energy
    Choose 3 Hours of free power every night (9pm-Midnight)
    Or Free Weekend of power every Sat-Sun 9am - 5pm
    Add broadband or gas
    No Contract
  • Flick Energy
    $200 credit
    No Contract
  • Now Broadband
    UNL Fibre 300 $79/month
    UNL Fibre 900 $90/month + Free Extender
    Free modem
  • 2Degrees
    UNL Fibre 300 $71 per month
    UNL Fibre 900 $83 per month
    $10 discount for customers on a pay monthly mobile plan over $40
    $250 credit if power and internet is bundled
    Free Rental Modem ($15 shipping)
    Free Connection
    12 month contract

myRent ♥︎ Renti

Why connect or change your utilities with Renti?
  1. It's like adding an expert to your move who will make sure your new place is ready to go when you walk in the door.
  2. It's 100% Free of Charge.
  3. Renti can transfer your existing suppliers.
  4. Tenants always get the best deals on offer.
  5. Renti will get exclusive deals you can't get anywhere else.
  6. They'll help you navigate complicated power pricing.
  7. Renti will compare all of the rates on offer for you.
  1. Organise reconnection for multiple properties.
  2. They can educate on how power and broadband bills work.
  3. They have access to ICPs and meter details to ensure correct property is being connected.
  4. By using Renti you avoid long waits in calling queues, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of the move!
  5. Renti also has a priority account with all providers, which means that if there are any changes that need to be made, they get it sorted straight away.

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