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NZ's best value tenant checks

Comprehensive credit and background checks to complete the picture on your future tenants.

Gain confidence in your future tenants

Comprehensive tenant checks for peace of mind.


Why run a tenant check?

Tenant checks are a great way to ensure that your applicants are who they say they are. With a more complete picture of the applicants and their past you can make smarter decisions. Additionally, tenant checks are required by some insurance policies.

How long does it usually take?

Most checks are data-driven and will be performed instantly. Employment, previous landlord, and personal checks require a human response which is often within an hour but can take a day or two.

Thorough checks

Key information from the sources that matter. Our comprehensive checks bring together data from a wide range of the most trusted sources. Paint a more complete picture of your future tenants. No guessing games.

What you get for $25

myRent Identification checks

Credit Check

Instant access to a tenant's credit report. We use one of New Zealand’s leading credit bureaux to conduct tenant credit checks. A credit check can provide a credit and risk score, reveal debts, and previous credit defaults.

myRent Identification checks

ID Verification

It’s important to know that tenants are who they say they are. We conduct ID verification to confirm the personal information your applicant submits, be it driver licences or passports.

Tenancy Tribunal history is checked

Tenancy Tribunal Check

Check the Tenancy Tribunal database for any previous issues with the tenant and past decisions made at the Tribunal hearings.

Driver license and passports are checked


It is important that you have an accurate list of known aliases when you are screening prospective tenants for your rental property. We check for applicant's alternative names and any known past address history.

Credit file activity is checked

Credit File Activity

Assess a candidate’s financial history and gain a broader picture of the candidate’s previous credit enquiries, payment history, and credit screening requests.

myRent Court judgements and Tribunal orders

Court Fines and Judgements

We check the applicant’s history in relation to District Court Judgements and any outstanding court fines.

Credit file activity is checked

Insolvency History

Assess your applicant's insolvency history to gain better insight into their relationship with debt.

Employer checks

Employer Check

Manager references can be very useful in checking an applicant's employment details. This will confirm a job title, employment start date, length of employment, and salary. This verification will give you a good indication of a tenant’s ability to pay rent.

Company affiliations

Company Affiliations

Gain deeper insight into the applicant's past and present affiliations with various companies as directors and shareholders.

myRent Previous landlord checks

Previous Landlord Check

A previous landlord check is of the most valuable references. A positive or negative reference will give you a good indication of a tenant’s reliability. If they have not rented before a character reference will be contacted.

Character references are checked

Character Reference Check

A personal reference can attest to your applicant's character and abilities. Invaluable information supplied directly from the sort of individuals who know your candidate best.

You make the decisions

We don’t say yes or no to a tenant. We collect thorough background information and present it for you to make the decision.

Want more information?

If you want to follow up with more checks of your own or contact the references with some specific questions, you are given all the appropriate details to do so.

How it works

Order your checks

It’s simple and easy to order checks online. Provide us with the name and contact details of the tenant and we will contact them to obtain the detailed information and legal permission to run the checks.

If your tenant applied for your property through a myRent advert then you can skip this step as we have everything we need. Just start the check from their application on your dashboard.
Review & payment

Once we have all the info from the tenant we let you know so you can review it. You’ll then finalise payment to proceed with the check.

Payments are one-off, online card payments. We do not store your card and there are no extra or hidden fees.
View the results
The majority of the information will be available instantly through your dashboard. We will let you know via email when the employment, previous landlord, and character checks are ready. As these require a human response, they are usually available within an hour but can take a day or two. View example
Gain confidence in your future tenants


$25+ GST per tenant
  • Credit check
  • ID Verification
  • Credit file activity
  • Aliases
  • Court fines and judgements
  • Insolvency history
  • Tenancy tribunal check
  • Company affiliations
  • Employer reference
  • Previous landlord reference
  • Character reference (if required)


Can I perform tenant checks for properties which are not managed or advertised through myRent?

Yes, myRent tenant checks are available to all landlords regardless of if they advertised or use our management services.

If you advertised your property with us and your tenant completed an online application, then the easiest way to complete a tenant background check is to start the check from their application on your dashboard as they have already provided us with the relevant legal permissions. If they have not competed an application with us just start the process here.

Does my insurance company require tenant checks?

Some NZ insurance companies need you to present a proof of vetting all adults in the property when submitting damage claims with them. We would recommend checking if this is part of your obligation as part of your policy.

Do I need to run checks with all 3 major credit check agencies?

No, credit check agencies largely hold the same or similar data on each individual. It is not usual practice to run checks with all 3 as it increases costs without revealing additional information.

Should I check a tenant's ID?

Yes, we always advise checking a tenant's ID at the viewing or before you hand over the keys. Tenant checks will verify the details provided, but we are not able to check if tenant you interviewed matches the ID.

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