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Find tenants

More enquiries, lower cost

Having a choice of tenants is the first step to finding good ones. myRent maximises your enquiries by listing your property on NZ's biggest property websites.

Reviewing myRent enquiries on mobile and tablet devices

Where do the enquiries come from?

Don't miss out on the tenant you are looking for by listing on only one website. Upgrading makes sure your listing appears on all the big property sites and in front of more potential tenants.

Pie chart of where listing enquiries come from: 44% from Trade Me, 22% from Facebook, 20% from myRent, 10% from realestate.co.nz, 4% from OneRoof
Managing your enquiries is a piece of cake

Easy enquiry management

myRent delivers your enquiries via email and to your myRent dashboard. By having enquiries from all websites in one place you stay organised which makes scheduling viewings a breeze.

Keep your enquiries organised

Set the status of each enquiry and add notes of phone conversations, viewings or other communication so you don't loose those important details when it comes to decision time.

Toggling an enquiry as potential, with a booked viewing or not interested

The hassle-free way to find great tenants.

Advertise my property

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Do tenants receive my contact details?

Your contact details are kept private at all times and enquiries are sent to the email address you registered with us. When replying to tenants through myRent, your details remain private. You can, of course, choose to share your email or phone number with applicants directly if you wish.

Do I need to be a hands-on landlord?

Absolutely not. When landlords meet tenants a certain level of reality or trust is built and tenants are more likely to treat you as an individual rather than a role. Some landlords build quite close connections to their tenant over time and some do not.