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Advertise your rental property on Facebook

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Listing your property on Facebook is a fantastic additional source of potential tenants for your property. But managing the groups and enquires yourself can be a hassle...

Facebook has become one of the largest sites globally for tenants searching for rental properties and it’s growing very quickly. With so many different ways of advertising on Facebook myRent’s team takes this hassle off your hands and manages the process for you. Tenants from Facebook account for 16% of all myRent enquires.

The frustration of listing your rental property on Facebook is that there is not one way of doing it. You share a link to your listing, post in groups, post in marketplace, pay for advertising… The options seem endless. Because the myRent team are doing this everyday we know the in’s and outs, what works and what doesn’t and are in the best position to learn and adjust as Facebook changes their systems. We post all myRent listings (free or upgraded) to Facebook in multiple locations.

Of course you are always welcome to share your myRent listing yourself but when you do so you are going to have tenants viewing your Facebook profile, messaging or calling you directly, which for many landlords (who want to keep their private life private) this is not a viable solution. myRent gives you this privacy.

Facebook enquires are conveniently delivered to you via email and on your myRent dashboard along with all your other enquires so you can manage everything in one place.

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