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1% Property Management

Simpler, cheaper & more transparent

myRent is an intelligent online platform that automated property management. Your simple & intuitive dashboard gives you complete transparency and control over your properties.

myRent dashboard showing received rent

Simple & intuitive

You won't need any special training. Your dashboard is easy to use and guides you through every step of the process.

You're in control

myRent presents you with options and guidance but you get to make the decisions. Maintain control of the costs and your investment.


24/7 dashboard access, regular updates and no middle man mean you and your tenant have every detail of the tenancy available anytime.

Intelligent systems

Save time and money by having myRent's automated systems look after the repetitive tasks for you. Professional tools for everyday landlords.

Stay informed

myRent is built around NZ tenancy law and provides easily understood legal information every step of the way.

No lock-in contract

We are so confident you'll love myRent we don't ask for a commitment. Try us for free for 3 months and leave anytime without penalty.

What's included in our 1% management?

How do you manage your properties?

myRentSelf managingProperty manager
Low time inputcheck close check
Low costcheck check close
Minimal skills requiredcheck close check
Transparencycheck check close
Control costs and decisionscheck check close
Clear communicationcheck check close
Easy compliancecheck close check
Automated systemscheck close check
24/7 accesscheck check close
Education and guidancecheck close close
Suitable for new landlordscheck close check
Cost1% + GSTLots of
precious time
~7.5% + GST
(plus other fees)

Modern digital property management for forward thinking landlords

Risk free 3 month trial

We are so confident you’ll love myRent we are giving you your first months for free. There is no contract, so you can leave anytime.

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We're here and happy to answer any questions, give you a live demo of myRent or help you setup your tenancy.

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What our customers say


Why is myRent so cheap?
myRent uses intelligent automated systems to collect rent, create documents and many of the other tasks required to manage a property. Because of this we don't need a large team of expensive property managers, offices for them to work in or cars for them to drive around in. As our costs are much lower we are able to offer our property management for a lot less than traditional management services.
Will I have a property manager?

No, myRent does not have property managers, we use technology to complete the majority of management tasks. Anytime there is a decision required to be made, we provide the information and guidance for you to make the decision and myRent's systems then complete the task for you. However there is a real team behind the service who are always happy to help and we are available through online chat on the website or via email.

Do you charge fees to tenants?

No, myRent does not charge tenants fees for new or existing tenancies. With the current government pushing through legislation to ban letting fees for tenants we thought we would stay ahead and remove them earlier.

Are there any other fees?

No, everything in our management service is included in the 1% +GST fee. There are no hidden or extra fees. If you need to advertise your property to find tenants then there is a one off payment of $75

I have an exisiting tenancy can I transfer it to myRent?

Absolutely, most of our new landlords have ongoing tenancies. myRent will guide you through the process when you sign-up.