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Property management

Simplifying tenancy bills

Collecting bill payments from tenants doesn't have to take up your time. We've used technology to simplify the process.

Manage your tenancy bills through myRent

The easiest way to invoice tenants

myRent makes it easy for you to bill tenants for any utilities exclusively attributed to their use. It only takes a minute to set up a bill, and it is automatically delivered to all the tenants. We keep everyone in the loop with reminders and notifications along the way.

Learn more about who pays for bills in a tenancy.

Completing an initial inspection report
Completing a routine inspection report

Stay organised

Track all the outstanding bills and access a complete payment history from your myRent dashboard. All the invoices are automatically reconciled in your Expense Tracker to provide better visibility and simplify end of year reporting.

Go Hands-Free

Using our Hands-Free service? myRent will look after the bills for you. We send payment reminders and overdue notices, chase arrears and provide tenants with alternative ways to pay your bills online with debit or credit card.

Completing a final inspection report

Tenancy bill management is included in our $10/mo self-management software.

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