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Digital documents

3 January 2018

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Digitisation of tenancy documents is undoubtedly the future of renting.

Getting your paperwork in order is now easier than ever with myRent. Whether you want to create a tenancy agreement, look for a bond lodgement form, or find a report to record your property condition, myRent has all the templates you need.

Secure Storage

myRent eliminates your paperwork by using digital documents. Gone are the days of misplacing important reports, not being able to share tenancy agreements, and not having quick access to important property inspection reports. With myRent, all the documents are securely stored in one place easily accessible by both landlord and tenants from anywhere, anytime.

Save Time

All tenancy documents including tenancy agreements, insulation statements and bond lodgement forms can now be signed using electronic signatures. Once signed, the forms are digitally exchanged between landlord and tenant*.

Ready for the end of lease

You’ll be surprised just how quickly 6 or 12 months passes. In that time, it’s easy to lose documents if you're not careful with filing. By keeping your tenancy documents with myRent, you know they’re safe. You can also easily find them when the lease comes to an end.

Staying compliant

There is a legal requirement for both landlords and tenants to keep all the tenancy paperwork safe and sound during the tenancy, and for 12 months after the tenancy ends, and keep records of rent and bond for 7 years. This is in case any issues or disputes arise during or at the end of the tenancy. Most landlords also need to access historical information from time to time, such as for tax purposes. myRent saves all of the information and documents for all of your tenancies for as long as you need it. There is no additional charge for storage and historical tenancies are stored for free as long as you need them. Documents and information on both historical and current tenancies are available through your dashboard.

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