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Connect your bank account

Simplify reconciling with bank feeds

Using industry-leading bank feed providers landlords can import banking transactions into myRent to make reconciling rent and expenses a breeze.

Benefits of syncing a bank feed:

Saves time
Stay up-to-date

Auto reconciliation

Rent and bill payments are automatically reconciled when tenants make their payments using unique transfer details we provide.


You'll be notified of new and overdue payments to keep you up-to-date with the rent.

Streamlined expense tracking

Reconcile income and expenses from a friendly interface, bank transaction by bank transaction. This interfaces directly with our Income & Expense Tracker.

If you would like a more hands-off approach to collecting, reconciling, and keeping your rent up-to-date, consider our Hands-Free Rent Collection package.

Syncing your bank feed

Using our bank feeds partners, landlords can securely sync their banking transactions into myRent. Transactions will then be automatically synced on a daily basis.

Connect with our bank feeds partner

From myRent, you'll be directed to connect your bank account through one of our bank feed partners -- Akahu or Salt Edge.

Select the bank accounts to sync

Select the specific accounts you'd like to be imported into myRent.

myRent imports your transactions

After connecting your bank feed, you'll be redirected to myRent where we'll import your previous two months of transactions, and you can immediately begin reconciling.

Continual syncing

Your transactions will be synced on a daily basis, or by a press of a button.

When new transactions are imported, myRent will automatically reconcile rent and bill payments where the tenant has used their unique bank transfer particulars.

Our trusted bank feed providers

We have partnered with two industry-leading bank feed providers for secure access to bank feeds.


Akahu is New Zealand’s open finance platform.

Learn more about Akahu

Salt Edge

Salt Edge is a leading, global open finance platform.

Learn more about Salt Edge

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