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Free online applications

Add a professional touch to your rental process by having tenants apply through a secure, professional, third party application service.

Reviewing myRent applications on mobile and tablet devices

The easier, smarter way to do tenancy applications

Organise your applications in one place, digitally. No more handing out paper applications and scanning documents. Tenants apply to rent your property directly from your listing and create an extensive, secure application.

The easier, smarter way to do tenancy applications
myRent keeps application compliance easy


Making sure you have the correct disclaimers, privacy, and security for all applicants' data is important. By doing this through myRent, we have you covered.

Applications pre and post viewing

Due to competition in the rental market, some tenants choose to submit a formal application before viewing a property. This means neither of you waste time with viewings should the application be unsuitable. Early applications also give you excellent background information to further qualify the tenant during the viewing.

myRent applications pre and post viewing
myRent applications help keep applicants up to date

Keeping your tenant updated

myRent gives landlords simple tools to keep applicants updated as they move through the application process. This formality gives confidence to the applicant.

Tenant background checks

Our application process collects the required information and permission to perform tenant background checks. myRent offers a thorough tenant background check service, or you can perform your own.

myRent can be used to perform tenant background checks with submitted applications

The hassle-free way to find great tenants.

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Why are tenants applying before they view the property? do

Due to the competitive rental market, tenants are often willing to apply to rent a property before viewing. This may give the applicant competitive advantage over other tenants, and can save both tenants' and landlord's time on viewings if a tenant is not suitable.

What if my tenant applies to me directly?

There is no requirement to use myRent applications, but we recommend that you direct them to complete the application online as we have the correct disclaimers and privacy policy to allow you or myRent to perform tenant background checks. This also gives the tenants a professional experience while making an application.

Does it cost anything to use online applications?

No. It's 100% free. Additional costs only apply for performing tenant background checks for $35 per tenant.