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Viewings with a personal touch

Selecting the right tenants can make the difference between a successful investment and a poor one. There is no-one in a better position than you to choose the right tenants.

Find the right tenants right on myRent
Hold open homes to meet potential tenants

Viewings or open homes

Some landlords like to meet all the potential tenants individually, some like to hold open homes and others like to pre-qualify tenants before viewings.

Open homes scheduling tool

Add an open home to your listing and we can alert everyone in your inbox and shortlist of new open homes to simplify viewing organisation.

Compare tenants to find which are most suitable
Onboarding a new tenancy to myRent is as easy as cake

Landlords create successful tenancies

Studies show that landlords that have a direct relationship with their tenants have less problems throughout the tenancy. myRent adds the systems and transparency, you add the personal touch.

The hassle-free way to find great tenants.

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Open homes or viewings?

If you have a high demand property in a location which generally has high quality tenants, then open homes work well as it saves you time and creates a little healthy competition.