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Property inspections

Protect your investment with digital records. myRent reminds you when to inspect and keeps a digital record of your property over time.

Upload inspection reports or property photos into your myRent dashboard

Initial inspection

Inspect the property before the tenant moves in and have the report and photos ready in the dashboard for your tenant to review and sign.

Completing an initial inspection report
Completing an interim inspection report

Interim inspections

Interim inspections are required by many insurance providers and are a good way of keep tabs on how your property is being looked after. Catching problems early makes them easier to solve.

Final inspection

In order to make a claim through the tribunal for damages you will need an initial and final inspection report. Your final inspection can be duplicated for the start of the new tenancy if a new tenant is moving straight in.

Completing a final inspection report
Take photos or videos of the property and upload them from your phone

Photos and video say more

Upload photos and video of the property and we will date stamp them and keep them safe if they are ever needed. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...


Can I use my own reports?

Of course, you can. Just upload these through the dashboard so the tenant has access and there is a digital copy.

Do I have to do inspections?

Inspections are highly recommended (but not compulsory) for the protection of your property and to make sure your insurance is valid (check your terms). If you have a dispute with a tenant over damage and there is no inspection reports then you will have almost no chance of convincing the tribunal into awarding you damages.

Can myRent do the inspections for you?

Unfortunately not, if we had to have hundreds of people NZ wide to do inspections then we wouldn’t be able to keep our management fee so low.

However there are plenty of professional inspection services available and you are able to ask a friend, family or tradesman to do the inspection for you.

Property inspection reports are included in our $10/mo management service

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