Customised inspection reports

Smart & easy digital inspections

Protect your investment with digital inspections and forget the hassle of paper forms.

Landlords & tenants — ditch the paperwork

Thorough reports

With pictures, video, and notes your customised inspections will be significantly more detailed than using a paper template.

Custom to your property

Customise the rooms and chattels so the inspection report covers the specific details of your property. No more trying to squeeze all the details into a generic template.


Schedule inspection reminders and we'll make sure you know when it is time for your next inspection.

3rd party verifiable

As our system stores and creates your inspection report, myRent is able to verify to a 3rd party when the report was created, who reviewed it, and who signed it.


No more printing and scanning. You choose who needs to sign the report and either e-sign on site or send it to the tenants to review and e-sign later.

Onsite or at home

Use your phone or tablet as you walk around the property to photograph, video and take notes of the property. Your report can be created on the spot or at home from your desktop.

With or without the tenant

Creating a digital inspection is so efficient that you can create and sign the report as you walk around the property with the tenant.

Securely stored

Your report will be accessible forever by both the tenants and landlords. Your report can be viewed in myRent or downloaded as a PDF.

How to perform a digital inspection

Schedule your inspection

Our system will help remind you to schedule your inspections at your preferred frequency.

We'll notify both you and tenants 48 hours prior to your scheduled inspections.

Perform your inspection in real-time

Walk through each room of the property taking photos, video, and notes. This can be done with or without the tenant present.

If you already have photos and/or notes then you can also create a report at home on your desktop.
E-sign your report

E-sign your report and select which tenants will be signing the report. Tenants will be notified to review and e-sign the report.

If tenants are present, they can sign the report directly from your device.
Stored in myRent
Your inspections will be stored and accessible in myRent even after the end of your tenancy. Your report will be available for review and download at any time.

Try now with a risk-free 2 month trial

$10/month once trial ends. No contract, so you can leave anytime.


Can I use my own reports?

Of course, you can. Just upload these through the dashboard so the tenant has access and there is a digital copy.

Do I have to do inspections?

Inspections are highly recommended (but not compulsory) for the protection of your property and to make sure your insurance is valid (check your terms). If you have a dispute with a tenant over damage and there are no inspection reports then you will have almost no chance of convincing the tribunal into awarding you damages.

Can myRent do the inspections for you?

Unfortunately not. If we had to have hundreds of people NZ wide to do inspections then we wouldn’t be able to keep our management fee so low.

However there are plenty of professional inspection services available; also, you may want to ask a friend, family member, or tradesperson to do the inspection for you.

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