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Hold onto good tenants

Timely renewals

Keeping good tenants is easy. myRent can help you draft the new agreement that reflects new terms, dates and rent amount.

Keeps you organised

Streamline renewals and make sure they are completed on time and correctly.

How to renew your tenancy

Offering your current tenants the option to renew their tenancy for another term is super easy with myRent.

Send proposal
Ask your tenants if they want to renew by sending a proposal.
Prepare paperwork
Create a new agreement that reflects new terms, dates, rent amount and any other agreed changes
Tenants e-sign
Send the agreement to your tenants to review and e-sign.
Automatic reminders

Don't miss the date

myRent will remind you when it’s time to consider your options and guide you through them. Terminate the tenancy, go periodic or sign a new agreement - the choice is up to you.

Rent reviews

Adjust rent

You can decide to increase the rent during your renewal process. We can prepare a rent increase notice for your tenants and make necessary adjustments to the rent statement and future rent reminders.


Prepare the right documents

Our renewal process works in conjunction with our digital tenancy agreements so we have the agreements ready to be reviewed, e-signed and stored safely in the cloud.

Ending tenancies

Ending it right

If it’s time for the tenancy to end then it’s important that you serve notice correctly. myRent works out the correct notice for your situation, we’ll even have the paperwork ready and serve it for you.

Try now with a risk-free 2 month trial

$17/month once the trial ends. No contract, you can leave anytime.


Do I have to renew the tenancy?

Of course not, it’s your decision. If you’d prefer you can choose to go periodic or give notice. myRent also provides a tenant find service if you have bad tenants but want to re-let the property.

Can I use my own agreement?

Yes, once you and the tenant agree on a renewal you have the option of using myRent digital tenancy agreements or you can upload your own.

What happens if my current tenancy agreement was signed before I joined myRent?

We will still guide you through the renewal process. You have the choice to switch to use our digital tenancy agreement for the renewal or you can continue to use your own.

Are there any renewal fees?

Renewals are included in our self-management software. You can renew as many times as you like and there are no extra fees!

How do I terminate a tenancy?

There is a end tenancy button on your dashboard which will guide you through when you can terminate and how much notice you need to give. myRent will have the documents ready and you can serve them through the platform to ensure they are delivered correctly.

myRent will also guide you through the process of the final inspection and completing the return bond / claim from bond forms.

Dedicated customer support.

Every step of the way.


Our NZ based team are here and happy to answer any questions you have or help you set up your tenancy. Speak to an expert today.

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