Keep an eye on your finances

The right expense tracker for your rental property

Tracking your rental property expenses is easy with the right tools. myRent can help record your monthly transactions in an organised way.

Keep track of money coming in and going out

Save money

Save time

Connect your bank to myRent, recognise rent payments, reconcile your expenses with ease. Create bank rules to automate record-keeping for easy reporting and tax preparation.

Save money

Don't waste your money on complex and expensive accounting software. Expense Tracker is available for all myRent management users at no additional cost.

Access online anytime

Store all receipts in one place. Access your records anywhere at any time. Even after your subscription ends

Stay organised

Keep control over your expenses

Keeping tight control over expenses is important for all successful investors. Your simple monthly graph and expense breakdown gives you an easy to absorb snapshot of current and previous financial years for each property or the whole portfolio.

Automate record-keeping

Bank rules to help categorise and record expenses in your sleep

Simply set up your tenancy and create rules for recurring payments and we automatically reconcile transactions for you.

Online filing system

Easy access to all your records

Save receipts safely from anywhere. Receipts fade, phones and laptops get lost. With myRent your receipts are securely stored in the cloud and accessible 24/7.

Simple reporting

One-click accountants report

Everyone (including accountants) hate piles of receipts. Come tax time myRent easily generates a PDF report (including all the digital receipts) to assist with your Income Tax Return.

Try now with a risk-free 2 month trial

$10/month once trial ends. No contract, so you can leave anytime.


Does myRent complete tax returns?

We would love to but unfortunately, we are not tax experts and everyone’s situation is so different. However, we are great at keeping records of all your property income and expenses making the job a lot easier for you or your accountant.

Do I need to understand tax to use expense tracker?

Absolutely not, just make sure you upload all the expenses throughout the year and when you present the report to your accountant you will save them a lot of time (and hopefully you money).

Does the IRD accept electronic copies of the receipts?

Yes, electronic forms of receipts are accepted by the IRD as long as they are unmodified true and clear reproduction of the original receipts.

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