No extentions for the 2016 insulation compliance requirements

Photo: Insulation Scrabble, by Jeff Djevdet

NZ landlords can be facing fines up to $4,000 if their rental properties don't comply with the 2016 Minimum Standards for insulation regulations.

From the 1st July 2019 all rental properties, including private rentals, must have underfloor and ceiling insulation that meet the required standard where it can be practically installed.

Failure to meet new regulations is considered an unlawful act and landlords can be fined $4,000 and face further action if they don't comply after paying the penalty.

MBIE has warned that they will be proactively checking up on landlords to make sure their rental properties meet the requirements. Tenants who believe their landlords have failed to meet their insulations standards will be able to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Under the same regulations, the landlords should also include a signed insulation statement with all new tenancy agreements. The insulation statement coves the location, type and thickness or R rating of the insulation in place.

When creating a new tenancy agreement on myRent, we walk you through an insulation statement creation, help you fill it out and digitally sign the document with ease.

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