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A first-time landlord's guide to advertising rental properties

11 November 2019

Photo by Alex D'Alessio on Unsplash

Listing your rental property for the first time feels daunting. But it shouldn't be! Here are our tips to start the journey right and make the whole process feel like a breeze.

1. Choose the right marketing channels

There are some things you can do to increase your chances to rent the property out quickly. Advertising on NZ's largest property portals like Trade Me,,, OneRoof, Trovit and Facebook should be a no-brainer. More exposure leads to more enquiries. It's as simple as that. Good news is - you don't need to spend big to achieve this. Here is how to do it at one low cost

2. Ask the right questions during open homes

There is nothing wrong about trying to get to know your applicants. Do make sure that you ask the same questions and apply the same standards to all. Steer clear of questions about nationality, age, marital status. Go to Tenancy Services for the complete list of criteria that you can't select your tenants on.

3. Don't get personal

It's tempting to make decisions based on your personal preferences. Unfortunately the most easy-going and approachable applicants not always make the best tenants. Trends you want to look out in your perfect tenant are their ability to pay rent and look after the property.

4. Perform background checks

There is a reason why every professional agent runs checks on prospective tenants. Information is everything. Credit checks, reference checks and Tenancy Tribunal checks are there to eliminate potential "what-ifs". It's crucial to be pro-active, carry out the appropriate due diligence to avoid unnecessary future stress and risks of fraud. There are plenty of systems around to assist you with this. Learn more myRent tenant checks that cost $35+gst per applicants.

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