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Having a successful and easy to manage rental comes down to finding the right tenants. Bad ones can make a landlord's life (and investment) miserable and good tenants can go a long way towards a successful investment.

As a landlord myself I’ve had some great tenants and some terrible ones. I’ve had tenants who send me Christmas cards and tenants who I’ve ended up at the tribunal with. Although there are no guarantees there are steps you can take during the process of renting out your property, which make a significant difference in quality of the tenancy.

Generally we are looking for the following qualities in a tenant:

  • Pay a fair market rent and pay on time and in full without issues
  • Stay long term
  • Treat the property with respect and leave the property in good condition when the tenancy ends
  • Be pleasant to deal with for the landlord, neighbours and community
  • In the case that a problem does occur then we want tenants who are open, honest and transparent

Here are the steps we will cover in this guide:

Although much of this guide will be about tenants it’s also worth considering your role as a landlord in this process. The best tenants will also be looking for a good landlord, the way you present yourself and the property will make a huge difference. If you act in an arrogant way and treat potential tenants poorly then you are likely to attract much of the same.

The biggest tip I could give any landlord is to be firm and fair. This is your property but remember it will become your tenants home. As a landlord, we have the privilege and responsibility of offering a product which is one of the most valuable to the majority of population - a place to call home. Do not abuse this responsibility.

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