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Time saving tips for managing rentals

Photo: Passing Time 2010 by Bernard Spragg. NZ

Owning and renting out your property shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. Embracing these time saving tips can make managing your rental property easier and more effective.

Make technology work for you

The best way to save time is to make technology work for you. Fortunately, if you don’t feel comfortable working with technology on your own it’s easier than ever to embrace the technological affordances that digital property management offers. With services like e-signatures, and generated reminders for inspections, maintenance, late rent, and other routine property needs, you can spend less time and energy sending reminders or setting up meetings, and more time focused on enjoying life as a property owner.

Advertise on multiple platforms

Advertising on multiple platforms creates a greater reach for your listing. If you use myRent, your listing is posted across Trade Me,, OneRoof,, Facebook, and You’ll save time by receiving more initial applicants which means less time is spent searching for your new tenant.

Use a digital property manager

Rather than managing your property alone, you can utilise a digital property manager to take care of the pesky time consuming tasks involved in renting your property. For a fraction of the cost of a standard property manager, only $10 per month property management with myRent, you can regain some extra time in your days by once again making technology work for you!

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