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Move in checklist for landlords

Photo: Mobile home by Dave Young

All the hard work is done – the property is cleaned and move-in ready, the tenants are screened and selected. But the journey is not over yet. As move-in day approaches, it’s important to complete final few steps before your tenants can officially call your place home.

1. Final property check

To pass initial property inspection with flying colours and to minimise maintenance requests in future, it is important to address any last-minute issues the property may have. Make sure there are no clogs or leaks in plumbing and lights are operational. Check window and door locks, remove any personal items you don’t want left behind and make sure there are batteries in smoke detectors.

2. Sign a Tenancy Agreement

It goes without saying that a tenancy agreement needs to be signed before your tenants move in. You can find a free tenancy agreement template here. Make sure all the clauses and house rules you want are there. Once created, make sure the agreement is signed by you and your tenant. Alternatively, if you use myRent Property Management service, we walk you through Insulation Statement and Tenancy Agreement creation. We help you create tenancy documents in minutes, make sure documents are compliant, collect e-signatures from you and your tenants and keep documents safe on your dashboard, so that you and your tenants can access them and refer to them when necessary.

3. Register rental bond

Complete and sign a bond lodgement form. Either your tenant or you will need lodge it with Tenancy Services within 23 days of the tenancy start date. Once you received a bond lodgement receipt, upload it to myRent, so that all your important documents are in one place. Alternatively, myRent can collect money from tenants and lodge bond for you. We deal with the paperwork while keeping you informed, so you can concentrate on other things that you love doing.

4. Organise initial property inspection

Your tenant will need to inspect your property and sign initial property inspection report before they move in. It’s best to get it done on the actual day they move in. You can use this interactive template to record the condition of the property as a whole and of each room in detail. This step is very important as it allows you to compare your property condition when the tenant moves in, to the condition when they move out.

5. Set a new tenancy up on myRent

Create a new tenancy, invite your tenants to join and we will do the rest. We will onboard your tenants, set up online payments, send tenants reminders to pay rent. myRent will be your one stop shop to check rental payments, address any maintenance issues your tenants may have, record property expenses for easier tax returns, organise property inspections and find any important tenancy documents.

Congratulations! You’re officially a landlord! All the best on your rental journey. Give us a shout if you need a hand with anything.

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