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How to record a change of tenant on a myRent tenancy

25 November 2021

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Before the tenant leaves there needs to be a written agreement from you (the landlord) and the remaining tenants to:- remove their name from the tenancy agreement, or replace their name with another tenant from an agreed date.

This can be agreed in the written form of email or a document. If everyone agrees, then record the change in writing, have yourself and all the remaining tenants sign it & make sure everyone has a copy (landlord, the tenant who’s leaving, and the tenants who’re staying)

We now offer the ability to create amendments on the Tenancy agreements page of your tenancy that you can use to put the change of tenants in writing.

If the leaving tenant has contributed to the bond, we would recommend that the new tenant pays the required bond funds to you (the landlord) and from there complete and send a change of tenant form to Tenancy Services. Once the form has been processed, you would then release the funds to the departing tenant.

You can then upload copies of the paperwork to your tenancy on myRent for safe keeping. The written agreement (If doing your own) for the change of tenant can be uploaded to the Tenancy agreements page under other documents and the change of tenant form if used can be uploaded to the bonds page under other documents.

Once your ready for your departing tenant to be removed from the tenancy you can do this on the people page of the tenancy by following the steps here

The new tenant can be onboarded to your tenancy through the people page of the tenancy.

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