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How much rent should tenants pay in advance?

22 June 2018

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As you prepare to move into a new home, budgeting for the initial rent and bond can be tricky. Here’s what to expect about paying rent in advance.

The amount of rent that a landlord should ask you to pay in advance is dependent upon whether your rent is due weekly or fortnightly.

My rent is due weekly

When rent is due weekly, the landlord normally requests one weeks’ advance rent payment before the tenant moves in. Rent will have to be paid again one week after moving in and every week thereafter.

A landlord or agent can request a tenant to pay rent up to 2 weeks in advance, but no more.

My rent is due fortnightly

When rent is due fortnightly, the landlord can only request no more than two weeks’ rent before the tenant moves in. Rent will have to be paid again two weeks after moving in and every two weeks thereafter.

Keep in mind, a landlord can’t ask for the next rent payment until all the paid rent has been used up.

Choosing to pay more in advance

As a tenant you can pay rent in advance if you want to, and there may be some situations in which it would be advantageous. If there is a competitive market, you want to stay on top of your expenses, or you don’t have any references, paying in advance could work in your favor. Remember, paying in advance is at your discretion, and your landlord still cannot ask you to pay more than 2 weeks rent in advance.

Reminder: The rent a tenant pays in advance is not the same as the bond, which can be charged up to the equivalent of four weeks’ rent upon move-in.

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