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Timely Renewals

28 September 2017

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Got a great tenant and want them to stay? myRent makes renewals easy by sending you reminders and providing all the forms and information you need to make sure the agreement is renewed seamlessly.

Helpful and timely notifications

myRent keeps track of your tenancies, reminding you 35 days in advance of when the fixed term will expire. This is especially helpful if you’re managing multiple properties or you're busy and have many more important things to remember. When this happens, we will walk you through your options, including renewing the agreement, allowing the tenancy to go periodic, or serving notice (if applies).

Thinking of increasing the rent?

You can review your rent annually. Our system can help you generate rent increase notices and serve them correctly.

Decision time

If you and your tenants decide to commit to another fixed-term, myRent makes it easy by reminding you to prepare a new tenancy agreement that takes effect after the current term expires. Sharing and e-signing through myRent make this process seamless. myRent also carries over all the existing documentation such as bond lodgement and property inspections reports to the new agreement.

myRent will also remind the tenant in advance about the expiry of the fixed term. This means that if they want to move out, they must follow the correct termination procedure and you will be notified as soon as possible so you can start searching for a new tenant.

If, however, you wanted to end the agreement at the expiry of the fixed term, myRent will guide you through the termination procedure to ensure you comply with the Residential Tenancies Act. You will generally need to provide 90 days notice to the tenant and give a reason for ending the tenancy - myRent will remind you about these dates and guide you through the relevant forms.

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