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myRent is Simple and Intuitive

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Managing your own property should be simple and intuitive. myRent has developed a system that provides all the guidance and help you'll need while leaving you in the driver's seat to make all the important decisions.

perm_device_information Easy but Well Informed Property Management

Managing your own property may seem like a daunting task - surely the time, money, complicated legal stuff, and dealing with the tenant can only be done by a full-time professional property manager? Well myRent shatters that misunderstanding. Our purpose is to make self-management of your property as easy, simple, and intuitive as possible.

All of our pages, functions, and services have been designed to be as easy to use and understand as possible. You won't need any special training or qualifications - you can easily do everything that a property manager does, but for a fraction of the cost and with complete decision-making control.

Unlike a traditional property manager, myRent doesn't tell you what to do or how you should manage your property. Our role is to present all the relevant information and options to you in a timely fashion so that you can make the best decision about your property - after all, no one cares as much about your property as you do.

Read more about whether self-management or a property manager is best for you.

business_center Built by Landlords for Landlords

myRent has been built with landlords (and tenants) in mind. Every part of myRent is designed so that all landlords, regardless of their level of experience, can easily manage their property. There's enough flexibility to manage the property according to your preferences, but also enough information and guidance so that you never feel lost.

Our CEO and founder Thomas Clement is an experienced landlord and property investor who understands the difficulties of managing properties. He has led the development of myRent to make self-management as easy as possible in order to give New Zealand property owners more options to maximise the return on their investments.

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