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Simple dashboard

4 January 2018

Photo: Wellington Houses by Kate Alderton

All the information on all your tenancies in one easy to understand dashboard.

Priorities at a glance

Open your dashboard and you will see green, yellow and red statuses - letting you know what is running smoothly and what needs attention.

No stacks of paperwork or lost emails

Stop hunting through stacks of papers, folders on your computer or your email in box for details of a tenancy. Everything you need to know about all your current or previous tenancies stored in one easy to access, always available dashboard.

Updates come to you

myRent sends you non-obtrusive notifications for everything important that happens during the tenancy so even if you don’t have time to check your dashboard every week you’ll stay 100% up-to-date.

24/7 access for your convenience

Unlike traditional management options which are open 9-5, myRent is available 24/7 wherever you have internet access on your mobile, desktop or computer. Most landlords have a busy life away from their properties so login and catchup on your tenancies whenever it suits you.

No more inconvenient calls or emails

Staying informed is critical but those demanding emails and phone calls from property managers or tenants always come at the worst time. Then they go missing and you end up loosing all record of what was said or worse, forget them all together. With myRent’s notifications and dashboard you stay up-to-date without those annoying interruptions.

Great for 1 or 100 properties

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 properties, the dashboard is design for all landlords. myRent is just as effective for single property landlords as it is for those with many.

Informed tenants are happier tenants

Tenants who are looked after and are kept informed are usually happier and stay longer, but most landlords and property managers don’t have the time to do this and tenants feel ignored and neglected. myRent provides a dashboard (similar to the Landlords) where the tenant can access all the information and documents they need anytime. There is no longer any doubt over who they should call or email. Everything is simple, easy to access and in one place.

Organised without the filing

Tenancy Services require you to save all the information and documents from the tenancy for 12months after the tenancy ends and the IRD requires records of rent and bond for 7 years. Most landlords also need to access historical information from time to time. myRent saves all of the information and documents for all of your tenancies for as long as you need it. There is no additional charge for storage and historical tenancies are store for free as long as you need them. Documents and information on both historical and current tenancies is available through your dashboard.

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