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Friendly reminder rent is overdue

Photo: Dunedin. Early homes. Stuart St. by Bernard Spragg. NZ

It’s a dreaded situation, rent was due yesterday but it still hasn’t been received. What’s the best way to give your tenant a friendly reminder about overdue rent?

Luckily for myRent users, we send this reminder for you. By having myRent inform your tenant about overdue rent, you can relax knowing that your tenant has been alerted without having to send that message yourself. Furthermore, if you’re using myRent, overdue rent can be fixed up by credit card.

What if I want to do it myself?

A gentle reminder that rent was missed is better than a pushy request. While paying rent on time is important, occasionally there could be extenuating circumstances. Sometimes it’s as simple as someone forgetting, or something more serious may have happened which left no money in the right account for transfer, or maybe one tenant paid and another didn’t. If these overdue payments are infrequent, a friendly reminder will go a lot further and be greatly appreciated by your tenant. Most importantly, by using a friendly approach you won’t ruin your tenant/landlord relationship.

What to do when a friendly reminder isn’t enough

While most overdue rent can be remedied quickly, if the rent is not cleared after 2 days, and/or you’re not getting any response, it could be time to consider a more firm approach. As a landlord you can issue a 14-day Notice to Remedy for any overdue rent, known as rent arrears. This gives your tenant 14 days to pay their overdue rent. If rent isn’t paid after the 14 days elapses you can then apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to terminate the tenancy.

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