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Gain confidence in your future tenants

Rent with confidence and make informed decisions with our thorough tenant background checks for $25.

Gain confidence in your future tenants

Identification check

It’s important to know that tenants are who they say they are. We conduct ID verification, check for alternative names & aliases, and look for known previous addresses.

myRent Identification checks
myRent Credit checks

Credit check

We use one of New Zealand’s leading credit bureaux to conduct tenant credit checks. A credit check can reveal debts, previous credit enquiries, credit defaults, and insolvencies. We also check debt collection information via one of NZ’s leading tenancy debt collector’s database, The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Ltd.

Court judgements and Tribunal orders

We check the applicant’s history in relation to Court Judgements and any outstanding court fines.

myRent Court judgements and Tribunal orders
myRent Tenancy database check

illion Tenancy database check

illion Tenancy, which recently acquired Tenancy Information New Zealand Ltd (TINZ), is NZ’s largest and most comprehensive online tenant check system. We will check the database for any reviews on tenants posted by other property managers and landlords as well as potential 14 day notices previously issued.

Employment check

Manager references can be very useful in checking applicants' employment details. This will confirm a job title, employment start date, length of employment, and salary. This verification will give you a good indication of a tenant’s ability to pay rent.

myRent Employment reference checks
myRent Previous landlord checks

Previous landlord check

One of the most valuable references. A positive or negative reference will give you a good indication of a tenant’s reliability. If they have not rented before a character reference will be contacted.

You make the decisions

We don’t say yes or no to a tenant. We collect thorough background information and present it for you to make the decision.

myRent enables you to make decisions given thorough tenant background checks
myRent gives you contact information to request further details

Want more information?

If you want to follow up with more checks of your own or contact the references with some specific questions, you are given all the appropriate details to do so.

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Do I have to use myRent tenant checks?

No. You are welcome to do your own. Our application process and disclaimer & permissions allow for both.

Do tenant background checks guarantee good tenants?

No, they provide more information to help you make an informed decision. We have selected the best third party sources, but information can still can be missing or incomplete. We recommend you quality tenants during a viewing.

How long does it take to run tenant background checks?

The majority of checks will be performed within 1 working day. Employment and previous landlord checks will be started as quickly as possible but depend on response speed.

How do I order a tenant background check?

For tenant background checks to be performed by myRent, the tenant must apply through myRent so we have the correct permissions & disclaimer. After they have done this you can simply order your checks through the website.

What is the cost?

$25 + GST per tenant.