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Tenancy Agreements: Paperwork simplified

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It is wise to ensure that everything has a paper trail, digitally or in writing. Providing a tenancy agreement is an important part of organising a successful tenancy. myRent allows you to complete tenancy agreements in hours not days from anywhere and on any device

Sign. Send. Manage.

Gone are the days of preparing tenancy agreements in writing, signing and scanning them, sending them to each tenant, waiting for them to be received, reviewed, signed and returned back.

Digital tenancy agreements now allow documents to be delivered, reviewed, and authenticated within hours, if not minutes!

myRent will guide through the Tenancy Agreement and Insulation Statement creation process. Complete it in minutes using any device, e-sign it and we will handle the rest. Your tenants will be notified, have a chance to review the agreement and e-sign it with a few clicks from their phone, tablet or laptop. Once the document has been signed by all parties, each person is automatically notified.

Prefer using your own tenancy agreement? Have an existing agreement already in place? Not a problem. You can simply upload the existing document to myRent.

myRent offers safe document storage as part of our service. Your documents will be securely stored by us. Not only are they safe, they are easily accessible by both landlords and tenants from any device anytime.

You’ll be surprised just how quickly 6 or 12 months pass. In that time, it’s easy to lose documents if you don’t carefully file them away. By keeping your tenancy paperwork with myRent, you know they’re safe. You can also easily find all the necessary documents when the lease comes to an end.

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