How to create a Bond lodgement form

Once you have added all of your tenants to the tenancy, you can create a bond lodgement form by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your chosen tenancy

Step 2: Go to the Bonds page

Step 3: Scroll down and select Create a bond lodgement form

Step 4: Select the property type + number of bedrooms and select Next

Step 5: Confirm the Landlords that should go on the the bond lodgement form. Changes can be made by selecting Edit next to the landlord or Edit ownership. Save any changes then select Next to continue

Step 6: Fill in the Tenancy Services Property ID and Landlord ID if you have it or leave blank. Answer the first time landlord question and select Review and Sign or Skip if leaving blank.

Step 7: This generates a draft of the form showing property, bond and landlord details. If these are correct, select Sign document. When signing select Sign to confirm your signature or Erase to start again.

This will generate a form that your tenants can e-sign by logging into their individual myRent account and going to the bonds page of the tenancy or by using the link on the automatic notification we send.

It’s handy to know that the tenants will add their details to this form and be responsible for setting the bond split if there are multiple tenants. Only tenants that are being included in the bond split will then need to sign and add their details to the form.

In the event you have multiple tenants it’s worth mentioning that our online form will automatically expand to add the additional tenants page to the bond lodgement form.

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