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WINZ tenants

12 July 2018

myRent has been accepted as an official supplier by WINZ, meaning landlords who have tenants who receive accommodation assistance payments can use our management service.

What is WINZ?

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) was established in 1998 to help people get jobs, support employers and also provide income support to those in need through benefits for people who unable to support themselves or through allowances for people who on low-to-middle incomes.

Who qualifies for Accommodation Supplement?

Whether tenants qualify to receive payments from WINZ depends on the following conditions:
- WINZ applicant needs to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident
- Needs to be 16+ y.o.
- Normally reside in New Zealand
- Have accommodation they need to cover costs for
- And not paying rent for social housing properties provided by Housing New Zealand
- How much money the applicant and their spouse earn will also be taken into account
- As well as how much money and assets they have
Accommodation Supplement Calculator can be found here

What does it cover?

- Rent

Accommodation Supplement is a weekly payment which helps tenants with their rent or board. This can be paid directly to landlords, agents or

- Bond

WINZ can assist covering not only weekly rental payments but a rental bond and advance rental payments to help tenants to secure a tenancy.

- Rent arrears

In situations where a tenant is not able to pay their rent and organising payment arrangement with them is not possible, Work and Income may be able to help to cover these costs (regardless if the tenant is on a benefit or not).

myRent and WINZ

myRent is a registered WINZ supplier. This means we can accept payments directly from WINZ for tenants who qualify for accommodation payments. Approved tenants need to use supplier number CUR001535505 when setting up or redirecting their payment.

There is no extra work for landlords. Tenants can apply for Accommodation Supplement online or by visiting nearest WINZ service centre.

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