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Tenant Find FAQs

2 March 2018

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We try to keep myRent as simple and as transparent as possible. If something is not clear about our product or explained in the details below then we would love to hear from you.


How does myRent advertise my property?

We list your property on major real estate websites, Trade Me,, OneRoof,, Trovit as well as and Facebook. This approach gives you the best possible exposure and the chance of getting quality tenants fast.

Who can advertise their property on myRent?

Our tenant find service is designed for private landlords to give them the best possible advertising exposure.

Is it really just a one-off fee?
 Surely there will be some extra fees?

myRent is focused on being the cheapest method of getting your property onto the biggest property sites - Trade Me,, OneRoof,, Trovit and Facebook; and maximising your exposure by advertising it on myRent. We charge a one-off fee of $50 (+gst) to list on, OneRoof, Trovit, Facebook, and myRent, and an add-on fee of $140 (+gst) to list on Trade Me and No tricks.

Do you charge tenants any fees?

No, we don't charge any success fees or any other fees to landlords or tenants.

How do tenants contact me?

You will receive all the enquiries directly to your email from the enquire form on our website, Trade Me,, OneRoof, Trovit and You will be provided with the prospective tenants' details so you can communicate with them directly. Unfortunately, we are unable to display your personal details on the ad as we're using the agent's account to advertise your property. That’s the reason we can provide you with such good advertising rates for Trade Me,, OneRoof, Trovit and You will still receive all the enquiries and leads.

Can I edit my listing?

Yes, you can edit your listing as many times as you like.

Will my listing be removed after a period of time?

We advertise your property until it's rented or no longer available. For reference, the average rental on myRent goes under offer in 11 days. We do have to comply with fair usage policies of our partner sites, and remove old listings after 6 months. It is incredibly rare for a landlord to fail to find a suitable tenant with us.

Do I need to sign up for property management to get this deal?

No, Advertising with myRent does not require you to use our property management service. However, for only $15+gst per month, you would be silly not to try it.

Is there a limit to the number of properties I can advertise?

No, you can have 1 or 100 ads running at the same time.

Creating a listing

How long do I wait until my listing goes live?

As soon as you finished creating your listing and paid, the listing on myRent becomes available for potential tenants. We immediately provide details of your listing to Trade Me,, OneRoof, Trovit and But it can take up to 1 hour for the listing to appear on Trade Me, OneRoof and (often much sooner) and up to 24 hours for it to appear on, Trovit and Facebook.

Can I upgrade?

You can decide if you want to include a Trade Me listing with a Premium Upgrade for $140+gst and/or to feature your listing on for $35+gst. Upgrading makes your listing more prominent in the search results, increasing the number of potential tenants viewing it. Upgrades are favoured by many landlords and typically result in an increase in enquiries.

Can I make changes to my advert when it's live?

Yes, you can continue making changes to any fields at any time.

How many photos of the my property should I upload?

You have to provide at least 5 photos. But feel free to advertise as many as you want.

How do I edit my listing?

To edit your listing and make any changes, go to your dashboard and select "edit listing" or "edit photos" on the left.

How do I delete my listing?

You can delete you listing anytime you need to. To mark your listing as "rented" and remove it from all the advertising sites, go to your dashboard, then press "remove listing"

What if I need some help with my advert?

If you have a question or need some help, feel free to contact our friendly team on the intercom (a hovering blue circle you see at the bottom of every page, including this one) or by sending an email to We'll be happy to help.

Will you share my phone number and email address?

No, your phone number and email address will not be displayed on your listing. Tenants will enquire through Trade Me,, OneRoof,, Trovit or myRent and enquires will be delivered to you via email.

Because we have an agents account Landlords details cannot be displayed in listings and will be removed.

Is my payment safe?

Absolutely, myRent uses the industry-standard encryption to process your payment. All listing payments are one-off and we do not store your card details on our servers.

How long does it take to upload my listing to Trade Me,, OneRoof, Trovit and

Trade Me,, OneRoof and listings usually take a couple of minutes to upload and be live on the site. Trovit only processes listings twice a day so you need to be a little more patient.

Will the Trade Me listing be associated with my Trade Me account?

To get the discounted rates all listings are posted in the myRent Trade Me account. This has the advantage of displaying as a company listing.

Can I advertise my property without using myRent management service?

Advertising with myRent does not require you to use our property management service. However, for only $17+gst per month and with a 2-month free trial, you would be silly not to try it.

Enquiries & viewings

How do potential tenants contact me?

All the enquiries from Trade Me,, OneRoof,, Trovit and myRent will be forwarded to the email address you used to sign up to myRent.

Can potential tenants see my personal details?

No, your personal details remain private. You can choose to share them once you received their enquiry.

Do tenants receive my contact details?

Your contact details are kept private and enquiries are sent to the email address you registered with us. Obviously, once you respond to an enquiry that person then will have access to your email or phone number.

Do I need to organise my own viewings?

Yes, you're in control. We advertise your property, but you still handle enquiries, do the viewings your way and select the tenants that you feel are right for your property.

Open homes or viewings?

If you have a high demand property in a location that generally has high-quality tenants, then open homes work well as it saves you time and creates a little healthy competition.

Do I need to be a hands-on landlord?

Absolutely not. When landlords meet tenants a certain level of reality or trust is built and tenants are more likely to treat you as an individual rather than a role. Some landlords build quite close connections to their tenants over time and some do not.


Why are tenants applying before they view the property?

Due to the competitive rental market, tenants are often willing to apply to rent a property before viewing. Landlords shouldn't be asking tenants to submit applications to simply secure a viewing, but applicants can choose to complete them at any time.

What if my tenant applies to me directly?

There is no requirement to use myRent applications, but we recommend that you direct them to complete the application online as we have the correct disclaimers and privacy policy to allow you or myRent to perform background checks. This also gives the tenants a professional experience while making an application.

Does it cost anything to use online applications?

No. It's 100% free. Additional costs only apply for performing background checks for $35 + GST or $55 + GST per tenant (depending on the check you would like to perform). More information on them and about ordering them here

Tenant checks

Do I have to use myRent tenant checks?

No. You are welcome to do your own. Our application process and disclaimer & permissions allow for both.

Do background checks guarantee good tenants?

No, they provide more information to help you make an informed decision. We have selected the best third party sources, but information can still can be missing or incomplete. We recommend you ask tenants questions directly during viewing to get clarification if something doesn't sound right.

How long does it take to run background checks?

The majority of checks will be performed within 1 working day. Employment and previous landlord checks will be started as quickly as possible, but depend on response speed.

How do I order a background check?

For background checks to be performed by myRent, the tenant must apply through myRent so we have the correct permissions & disclaimer. After they have done this you can simply order your checks through the website.

What is the cost?

$35 + GST or $55 + GST per tenant (depending on the check ordered)

The information contained in this article is exclusively for promotional purposes. It does not in any way constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as the basis for any legal action or contractual dealings. The information is not, and does not attempt to be, a comprehensive account of the relevant law in New Zealand. If you require legal advice you should seek independent legal counsel. does not accept any liability that may arise from the use of this information.

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    You say that online applications are 100% free. But is there any way to utilize this functionality without listing an ad? Ie. a friend-of-a-friend applied directly to us before we even listed, so we want to start the process for tenancy checks etc, but first we need to collect information about them - so this is where the online application would come in handy.

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