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My tenancy is ending soon - what are my options?

Before your fixed term tenancy comes to an end, you should consider all the options available to you.

Option 1: Renew or extend a fixed-term tenancy

If you would like to continue with the existing tenancy, both landlords and tenants can choose to renew or extend the tenancy for another fixed term.

Locking tenancy for another fixed term gives certainty to both parties and helps to plan ahead, as neither tenants nor landlords can terminate the fixed-term tenancy early.

Option 2: Allow fixed-term tenancy to become periodic

Fixed-term tenancies automatically become periodic upon expiry. The tenancy will continue but both landlords and tenants will have a right to end the tenancy under circumstances or by providing correct notice.

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Option 3: Choose to end the tenancy

If you no longer want to continue with the tenancy and want to move out, you will need to give the correct notice to terminate the tenancy.

  • If your tenancy was signed before 11 February 2021, then notice should be given between 90 and 21 days before the expiry date of the fixed term.

  • If your tenancy was signed after 11 February 2021, then the tenant needs to give 28 days' notice before the expiry date of the fixed term.

Option 4: Choosing to end the fixed-term tenancy early

Although a landlord and a tenant can't give the notice to end a fixed-term tenancy early, they can mutually agree to do it. So, get in touch and discuss your situation with the landlord. Ending the tenancy early might be beneficial for both or you may agree on the circumstances when the tenancy can end early.

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