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Listing Rental Property as a Private Landlord

Photo: The Red House at Paloma Gardens by brewbooks

Choosing to list your property as a private landlord rather than through a property management company is easier than you may think, and it has a lot of benefits.

Private doesn’t have to mean alone

Just because you’re acting as a private landlord doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. A digital property management service like myRent can bridge the gap between traditional property management and private landlord management. myRent looks after tenant onboarding which includes creating tenancy agreements online, acquiring e-signatures, lodging the bond for you, and collecting first rent. These service are included in our $10 per month management service.

Increased Exposure

When you use myRent, your property exposure increases. myRent posts your listed property to New Zealand’s leading advertising sites including Trade Me,, OneRoof and, as well as Facebook and For one-off payment of $75 (plus gst) we can advertise your property

Advertising with myRent

One key benefit to advertising with myRent is the increased control you have as a landlord over your property. As the owner, you know best about your home and who you would make the best tenants. myRent gives you the control over inspections and tenant selection to ensure that you are happy and comfortable with your tenants.

What do tenants think of private landlords?

In a recent Consumer NZ survey, tenants indicated that they are more satisfied with private landlords services than with standard property management services. If you’ve been thinking of making the switch, you can rest assured that your tenants will likely embrace the change. Read more about this survey and the insights gleaned from it here.

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