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How to invite/onboard tenants to your tenancy

There are a couple of different ways to invite/onboard a tenant to your tenancy on myRent depending on whether you’re creating a new tenancy or this is an existing tenancy.

For new tenancies you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: When setting a tenancy select Get started next to Add tenants in your tenancy overview.

Step 2: Add your tenants details. If there is more than 1 tenant, select + Add another tenant and repeat this process as required.

Step 3: Once all your tenants and their details have been added, make sure the Invite your tenants to join myRent option at the bottom of the page is ticked before pressing Save.

This will send them an email and/or SMS message with instructions to join myRent. You can choose to do this later.

You can follow up on the invitations on the people page of the tenancy by resending or removing invites and editing where the invite should be sent to.

For an existing tenancy that has already been set up you can invite/onboard additional tenants by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your chosen tenancy

Step 2: Go to the People page of the tenancy.

Step 3: Select + Add tenant, enter their details and press Save

If you have already invited/onboarded tenants for this tenancy before this will automatically invite the new tenant otherwise you would just select Invite tenants from the people page to invite any added tenants who hadn’t already been invited/onboarded.

If selecting Invite tenants you will have the option to edit tenants or press Invite tenants to proceed.

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