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Effective ideas to improve your property listing responses

17 June 2022

There isn't a magic formula for creating a perfect listing, but here are some tips to consider to improve your listing.

Listing description

The description helps paint a picture of living at the property and the area. The more detailed the description, the better and more interesting it is for people.


The more photos, the better. A successful listing usually has 10-20 photos that show the property clearly and in detail. Uploading more photos can help a lot. Consider changing your listing's hero image to attract fresh interest.

Add features

Adding more features (or selling points) to your ad can give a better overview of what's on offer and make your listing appear more eye-catching.

Review your price

It's possible that your advertised rent is a little off. All properties have good and bad aspects, so being realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your property is very important. Look at the average prices for your suburb. Compare your property to similar ones in the same area. Read our guide on determining a fair market rent.

Showcase special offers

Everyone loves a good deal. Tenants are no exceptions. Consider offering incentives like one week of free rent, free Wifi, Water included, and flexible move-in dates. Anything you can think of that is reasonable to help get tenants over the line.

Upgrade your listing

No one wants to spend more money than necessary, so this step is absolutely optional. But if you haven't opted for an upgrade to include Trade Me listing or feature listing upgrade on, now might be the time to try this. It will help maximise your exposure and showcase your listing on new websites, in bold with bigger images. On average, this significantly increases the number of views. So if you need to find tenants quickly, this option is worth considering.

Consider tenants with pets and/or smokers

Being open to pets and smokers can significantly widen your pool of applicants. Tenants with pets pay on average $20+ more per week for a suitable property and are likely to stay long term as finding the right pet-friendly home is hard. There is also no need to lock yourself into a pet-friendly category; you can mention "pets considered" in your ad and explore this option on a case-by-case basis.

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