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How to create a tenancy agreement

Here is a guide on how to create a tenancy agreement on myRent using our agreement builder.

Step 1: Head to the Tenancy Agreement section of the tenancy, and select "Create a Tenancy Agreement" to begin.

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Step 2: You will see the list broken down into different sections that have to be completed before the agreement draft can be generated.

  • Landlords. You can enter a landlord's name, address for service, contact numbers, and email. And have an option to add multiple landlords or change the ownership to a company or trust if required.

  • Tenants. You can enter a tenant's name, address for service, contact numbers, emails, and ID information. And have an option to add multiple tenants and add Guarantor's details here if you have one.

    If you're missing any details, complete what you have, and we will ask your tenants to fill out other personal information.

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  • Term, rent and bond. You can specify the start and end dates of the tenancy, weekly rent and bond amount, frequency of rent payments (weekly or fortnightly), as well as the due date of the advance rent payment.

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  • Rent bank account. If you selected for myRent to collect rent on your behalf using a hands-free rent collection service, you would see our bank account details appearing in this section. Alternatively, this is the section where you put your bank account details where rent should be paid.

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  • Body corporate rules. Where you upload body corporate rules if you have any, alternatively, you can select "I don't have body corp rules" if this doesn't apply to you and your property.

  • Chattels. If the property has any furnishings, you can add them here.

  • Clauses. Where you specify specific terms tenants have to follow when renting your property. These could include your policy on pets, smoking, subletting, maximum occupancy, and any additional terms you'd like to include.

  • Smoke alarms. This section includes the rules for working smoke alarms at rental properties a landlord should comply with.

  • Healthy Homes Standards. In this section, we can help you complete a healthy homes standards compliance statement, or you can upload your own if you have one already.

    Although you're legally required to include this statement with your tenancy agreement, if you need to skip this step for whatever reason, you can do it by selecting "Skip."

  • Insurance Statement. In this section, we can help you complete an Insurance Statement that you're required to include with your agreement.

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You will need to click into each section individually, follow the prompts, complete the fields, fill out forms and when ready, click "Save" to return to the main list of the tenancy agreement builder. You will see a green tick once the section is completed. Once all the sections are completed, click "Review a draft of the tenancy agreement."

Step 3: Review your agreement and press "create draft" if you're happy to select "make changes" at the top of the screen if you need to make any adjustments.

Step 4: Once the draft is created and your tenants are invited to the tenancy you've set up on myRent, we will send them an email asking them to review the agreement and sign it when they're ready.

Your tenants can't make any adjustments to the agreement but to their personal contact details.

Step 5: Once the tenants have signed the agreement, you will be notified, so you can check it one more time and sign when you're ready.

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