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First property inspection

22 June 2018

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Your first property inspection is the most important one that you conduct. As such, it should be thorough and well documented.

When a new tenant is about to move in to your property, you need to conduct the first property inspection- this is usually done before you hand over the keys. While inspections throughout the tenancy look to track the progression of any damage, the initial inspection is the most important one that you will conduct. This first inspection is what you will compare any damage to when refunding the bond at the end of a tenancy.

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Tips on conducting the first inspection

When conducting the initial property inspection, you should fill out a Property Inspection Report which details the condition of all areas of the property and lists any furniture and other chattels in the home.

You can read more and download a Property Inspection Report from myRent.

Tip: Using a digital camera to record the condition of your home can be a great supplement to the written information in the report.

Checking for Methamphetamine between tenancies

Your initial inspection is a good time to check your property for any signs of ‘P’ before the next tenant moves in. Here are some warning signs that a lab could be operating:

  • unusual chemical smells that are not normally present in the area
  • numerous chemical containers (labelled solvent, acid, flammable) stored or stock piled
  • stained glass equipment and cookware
  • plastic or glass containers fitted with glass or rubber tubing
  • numerous cold tablet packages lying around or in the rubbish
  • portable gas tanks or other cylinders not normally seen or used in the area
  • chemical stains around household kitchen sink, laundry, toilet or stormwater drains
  • yellow/brown staining of interior floor, wall, ceiling and appliance surfaces

Tenant Inspection

When the tenant receives their keys, they should conduct an inspection of the property as well and note anything they think was missed in the landlord’s report. Both landlord and tenant should sign, date, and keep a copy of the property inspection report. Keep your inspection documents in a safe place- as a myRent user you can easily store your report in your dashboard.

Disputes at the end of tenancy

If you need to go to the tribunal at the end of a tenancy, this first inspection report will be the most important document in your possession. Keep in mind, a tenant can’t be blamed for any damage that was written down when the tenancy started, and having this initial report for reference will make any new damage easy to identify.

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