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Create your listing
It's simple to create (and edit) your listing. We'll automatically upload it and keep it updated across all our partner websites. Learn more
Receive all your enquiries in one consolidated inbox. Short-list, reply, decline, add private notes, and stay organised. Learn more
Receive online applications from potential tenants before or after viewings. Make better decisions with all of the information at your fingertips. Learn more
Tenant checks (Optional)
With a couple of clicks you can order NZ’s most thorough Tenant check. Learn more
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Easy to use

Why use multiple systems when you can use one effective, organised solution?

Professional tools to keep you organised

Fully digital tenancy applications

Delivered electronically straight to your inbox to make choosing your next tenant easier. Learn more

Open home and private viewings planner

Easily schedule, invite, re-schedule, and cancel viewings. Send automated reminders to applicants, and keep track of who RSVP’d to your open homes. Learn more

Easy enquiry management

One central place to handle all of your enquiries. Respond directly through the dashboard. Move potential tenants to your short-list. Learn more

NZ's most thorough tenant changes

(Optional) Thorough background checks complete the picture giving you confidence on your final choice of tenants. Learn more

Save yourself time and money

Your property rented quickly

Listing on all of NZ’s major property websites, access to our 64,493+ tenant database, and professional tools all lead to faster, quicker results.

Saves your money & headaches

Advertise on the biggest sites in NZ for $40. Upgrade for $95 to be seen on Trade Me. No hidden costs or surprises. What you see is what you get. Cheaper than advertising privately.

Excellent support & guidance

Our team are on hand to assist you along the way should you need anything. We also have handy tips and tools along the way to help.

Vet your potential tenants

Avoid awkward conversations by using our professional templates to accept or turn down applicants. You can also keep private notes on potential tenants.

What does it cost?

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64,493 + active subscribers
  • Easy-to-use enquiries inbox
  • Digital tenant applications
  • Viewings & open home scheduler
  • Short-list potential tenants
  • Save private notes
  • Easy listing management
    Edit your listing on myRent and we'll update it everywhere



Optional add-on

Include a Trade Me listing

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Trade Me listing
Includes Premium upgradeLearn more


A Gold listing upgrade directly through Trade Me is $298*
* Trade Me Premium listings are not available to private landlords. The closest offer available directly is a Gold listing which will appear below Premium listings in search results. Based on a property with a weekly rent of $400 - $599.99

Let's get your rental listed

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Why is the price so cheap?
myRent has 17,431 NZ landlords using the platform, and due to our volume we are able to negotiate a reseller discount with Trade Me. myRent's core business is our management platform so we are happy to pass on the Trade me advertising at cost.
Do you charge fees to tenants?
myRent does not charge tenants any fees.
Can I advertise my property on myRent without using the myRent self-management software?
Advertising with myRent does not require you to use our property self-management software. However, for $10 per month and with a 2 month free trial, you would be silly not to try it. Learn more about management.
How do potential tenants contact me?

Tenants will be able to enquire on Trade Me, myRent, or any of our other partner sites. All enquires will be sent to you via email with all the tenants' details. You will also be able to access your enquires through your dashboard where you can categorise, sort, and add notes - meaning organising viewings is a breeze.

Unfortunately, due to the terms of our advertising agreements with our partner sites you will not be able to include personal contact details in your listing.

Can I edit my listing?
Yes, you can edit your listing as many times as you like. Updating your listing on myRent means it's updated on all our partner websites as well.
For how long will my listing stay active?
We advertise your property until it's rented or no longer available. For reference, the average rental on myRent goes under offer in 11 days. We do have to comply with fair usage policies of our partner sites, and remove old listings after 6 months. It is incredibly rare for a landlord to fail to find a suitable tenant with us.
Who can use this service?
myRent is built for landlords to advertise their property and to connect directly with tenants.