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Applied: 3 days ago
Janet Doe
1200 Sandringham Road

Rent: $600/week

Bond: $1,800/week


Preferred move in date:

Preferred length of lease: Indefinitely

Viewed property? Yes

Tenants and residents

Prospective tenants: Janet Doe

Other occupants: 1 adult and 1 child

Applicant: Janet Doe

021 555 5555

Non smoker

Driver licence: ABC1234565 Version: 123

Date of birth: 1 February, 1981

Criminal record: No

Living situation

We are currently flatting, and looking to move into a place closer to work in the CBD.

Current address: 1 Test Street

Time at current address: 2.5 years

Acme Corp

Title: Project manager

Full time since

Weekly income: $825

Example Manager | | 021 555 5555

Relationship: Manager

Landlord Reference
Example Landlord | | 021 555 5555

Relationship: Landlord whilst living at 1 Test Street

Submitted application on .

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Fido (Dog)

Fido is a chocolate lab and a member of the family. He has been with us for 8 years and is very well house trained. Please speak with our previous landlord for a reference, as they got along very well.

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  • LL
    Test Landlord

    Hello, thank you so much for you application. We are currently reviewing applications and plan to be back in touch within the next 48 hours. Cheers and talk soon.

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