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For $75 + GST you can advertise on NZ's 4 largest property websites:,, OneRoof and, as well as and Facebook

Advertising your property

Advertising your property is easy and can be completed through myRent in just few minutes.

You can start by creating a free ad on Your free property listing will be promoted on and across various Facebook pages.

For $75 your property will be advertised on Trade Me,, OneRoof, and Facebook. This is cheaper than advertising on Trade Me as a private advertiser (usually $99-$179). Moreover, individuals cannot even access, OneRoof or Your advert will remain on all sites until your property is rented - there are no renewal fees. You will also have a range of options to promote or feature your advert on either Trade Me or site. These options provided directly by Trade Me and

To advertise through myRent, you will need the following details:

  • Basic property details (address, number of beds and baths, weekly rental etc)
  • 5 Photos of the property
  • Headline and description
  • Card to make payment (if you wish to upgrade to a $75 advertising package)


Enquires from prospective tenants will be automatically sent to your email. You can then arrange open homes or viewings to show potential tenants around your property.

There are significant advantages in performing the viewings yourself because you can determine the suitability of tenants and start your vetting process. No one cares about your property as much as you, so being in control will ensure you get the best possible tenant.


Move your rental process along quicker by using myRent online applications. Tenants apply to rent your property directly from your listing and create an extensive, secure application. We make it easy to view, decline and accept application straight from myRent dashboard. Due to competition in the rental market, some tenants choose to submit a formal application before viewing a property. This means neither of you waste time with viewings should the application be unsuitable. Early applications also give you excellent background information to further qualify the tenant during the viewing.

Tenant checks

Found your potential renter? Get a complete picture by using myRent thorough tenant checks. Our checks includeIdentity check, Credit Check, Court Judgements and Tribunal Orders Checks, Tenancy Database (TINZ) Check, Employment Check and Previous Landlord Check. All for $25 (+gst). We collect and present all the information, you make all the decisions.

Do I have to do my own viewings?

Whenever we talk to landlords, they tell us that doing their own viewings is a big advantage of self-managing given the small amount of effort it takes every few years ensures you get the best quality tenant.

Within the constraints of our current service myRent is not currently able to provide a property viewing service. As our service expands, however, we will offer options to landlords who are unable or unwilling to complete viewings themselves. Currently, the best option as a landlord if you are unable to conduct a viewing yourself is to get a friend, family member, or tradesman to help out. Alternatively, you could hire an agent simply for the purpose of finding a tenant, but then use myRent's $10 property management service to manage the tenancy.

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Manage a tenancy

$10 for rent collection, agreements,
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