RTAA insurance disclosure requirement

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From 27th August 2019 the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2019 requires landlords to provide all new tenants with details of their property insurance.

As part of any new tenancy agreement, landlords will now need to provide an insurance disclosure statement.

An insurance statement should disclose whether the property is insured or not and if insured, the amount of policy excess relevant to the tenant's liability for destruction of or damage to the property.

The insurance disclosure statement is now included as part of all new tenancy agreements created through myRent.co.nz.

A landlord is also required to provide tenants with a copy of the insurance policy, should the tenant request it.

If, during the tenancy, the insurance policies changes in any way that is material to the tenant's liability for damage, the landlord will need to disclose that change to the tenant.

Failure to provide this information or update tenants if this information changes, can result in a financial penalty of up to $500

Tenants on existing tenancies can now ask their landlords for this insurance information, and this must also be provided within a reasonable time.

Some insurance companies can produce a Tenants Certificate that can be provided to tenants upon request. Please contact your insurance company to see if this option is available.

The information contained in this article is exclusively for promotional purposes. It does not in any way constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as the basis for any legal action or contractual dealings. The information is not and does not attempt to be, a comprehensive account of the relevant law in New Zealand. If you require legal advice, you should seek independent legal counsel. myRent.co.nz does not accept any liability that may arise from the use of this information.

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