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For tenants

Managed tenancies

myRent helps private landlords create tenancy paperwork and manage their tenancies in a compliant way. We assist both tenants and landlords with tenancy matters and keep everyone in the loop with reminders and notifications along the way.

With myRent, you can…

Complete tenancy paperwork

From search to signing, you can do everything online. For example, you can review and e-sign tenancy agreements, bond and inspection forms digitally on the website.

Log maintenance requests

Create maintenance and repair requests through the platform. Upload photos and videos so that landlords can easily share them with a tradesperson to resolve problems quickly.

Stay organised - Send messages

No more back and forth emails, phone calls and messages with a middle man. Discuss repairs, lease renewal, inspection dates directly with the landlord.

Access your tenancy data 24/7

All your documents, requests, payments and conversations with your landlord in one place. myRent gives you complete transparency on your rental (as it should be).

Get questions, repairs and issues sorted faster with in-app chat.

Stay informed

Consider yourself always in the loop

Receive notifications directly to your email about document signing and upcoming inspections reminders. See your rent and bill payments, maintenance requests updates, renewal options all in one place.

Added flexibility

Take the stress out of paying rent

Pay by bank transfer or your credit card if cash is tight one month, and never miss a payment with autopay and notifications.

We've got you covered

Compliance and security

myRent takes compliance and security of data seriously. We have worked with the NZPIF, Tenancy Services and Privacy Commissioner teams to create systems that guide landlords and tenants through the correct processes whenever we can. We are doing everything to ensure your data is secure and respected.

Complete records

Digital history

Having a complete tenancy record protects both tenants and landlords. Should something go wrong and help resolve things fairly, we can provide a full digital history of the tenancy to help with the hearing.

Dedicated customer support.

Every step of the way.


Our NZ based team are here and happy to answer any questions you have or help you set up your tenancy. Speak to an expert today.

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