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For tenants

Managed tenancies

Fairer, more transparent, better compliance and full digital history. myRent management makes landlords and tenants lives simpler.

24/7 digital access

As a tenant you have a tenancy dashboard where you pay rent, access documents, log maintenance issues. It contains all the information about your tenancy that you can access anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.

Digital access is available 24/7 on phones, tablets and computers
Dashboard prompts provide complete overview on the state of the tenancy


Access your tenancy agreement, rent statements, maintenance issues, bond documents and all the other details of the tenancy. We will even remind you when your rent is due, when it’s time to sign a document or when it’s time to renew.

Earn points

Tenants can choose to pay their rent via card (transaction fees apply). So if your card issuer rewards you with points then you could qualify. Rent is often the largest payment tenants make week to week, there is no better way of racking the points up.

Hand holding a credit card
Form for entering the rent split between tenants

Flatting? We have you covered

If you live with flatmates who are also on the lease, then we have you covered. Split bond and rent payments your way. You’ll each have your own dashboard where you have full access to all the details of the tenancy.


myRent is built around the Residential Tenancies Act so the website guides landlord and tenants through the correct process whenever we can. Tenancy agreements, bond forms, rent collection, serving notice, keeping records…

Digital history

Having complete records of tenancies provides protection for both landlord and tenants should something go wrong. We can provide a full digital history of the tenancy to the tribunal should something go wrong so things are resolved fairly.

No middle man

No more back and forth emails, phone calls and messages with a middle man. Discuss repairs, lease renewal, inspection dates directly with the landlord.


Does myRent charge tenants fees?

Tenants do not pay any fees for our service. The only exemption is if tenants choose to pay their rent via credit or debt card. Paying by card attracts a card fee which is paid by the tenant to cover the merchant fees. The details are clearly communicated on the card payment page and the rate is 2.6%.

How do I pay myRent?

You can pay your rent via recurring transfer (recommended), bank transfer, debit card or credit card. We will send you a notification 2 days before your rent is due so you can make sure you have the funds in your account. You can change your payment method anytime through the website.

What do I do when I have a maintenance issue?

Maintenance is easy... if hot water stops working or roof springs a leak then grab your phone and log into myRent and take a few snaps or videos of the problem. By getting photos and videos the landlord is normally able to get someone out to fix the problem rather than just inspect the problem. You’ll be kept up-to-date through the app.