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Property Maintenance: We put you in control

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Maintenance is one of the largest unknown costs for landlords. It's also an area prone to causing disputes and frustrations between landlords and property managers. myRent does things differently - we put you in control of the process and the costs.

The key to good property maintenance is excellent communication. When there is a problem at your property, myRent allows tenants to upload video or photographs along with descriptions for you to review at any time from any device. Rather than guessing how bad the problem is, you will be able to see the issue and make your own decision about how to deal with it. With all the information you can control the costs, determine the solution, and get it fixed quickly.

The next step is resolving the issue…

We appreciate that landlords have very different approaches to maintenance. Some are handy with the tools and want to do the work themselves, some prefer using a tradesman to resolve things quickly. myRent empowers you to choose the best maintenance option for the issue at hand.

What if I’m not confident with maintenance issues?

That's not a problem - you can easily share a maintenance issue, videos and photos of the problem, even tenants’ contact details with your builder, a friend or family member who is more comfortable making the decision or dealing with the problem. They can then communicate directly with the tenant to get things done.

What about arranging access to the property?

Another big issue with maintenance is arranging access. Not only do you need to abide by the Residential Tenancies Act, but the back and forth of phone and email is frustrating.

With a click of a button all the information can be easily shared with your tradesman. They will be able to see the videos and photos of the problem. In some cases there might be enough information for them to give an indicative price and turn up on the job with the correct materials. Tradesmen will also receive the tenants’ contact details meaning they can communicate directly with the tenant to arrange access and ask any further questions.

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