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3 January 2018

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myRent's purpose is to give landlords greater control over their investment property by providing all the information and resources you need to make the best-informed decisions. Our system gives you enough guidance to comply with the law and know your options at every step, but leaves you in the driver's seat to decide what's best for your property.

Maximum Control with the Best Advice

myRent has been built according to a philosophy of maximising control for landlords over their investment properties. Our aim is to give you all the tools, information, and resources you will need to successfully manage your property while increasing the return on your investment.

We won't tell you what to do or what is best for your property - we know that you understand your property better than anyone else and that you're the best person to be making vital decisions about how to manage it. Instead, we empower you to know all your options and have all the relevant information in making the best decision for your property.

We provide timely and easily understood advice at every stage of the tenancy management process. We have built the myRent system to incorporate NZ Tenancy Law - this means you and your tenants are always aware of your rights and responsibilities under law. myRent also provides helpful advice and updates around property management and the NZ rental market to make sure your investment remains competitive.

Unlike a traditional property manager, however, myRent will never tell you what's best for your situation. We firmly believe that any landlord can self-manage their property with the right tools and information, and that you are the best person to know and follow your interests.

How will you have greater control?

1. No hidden fees or costs

myRent is exactly what it says it is. We charge $17 (+ GST) per month for our standard service. For an additional $12 (+GST) per month you can add Hand-free rent collection, and that's it - we have no hidden fees or extra costs buried deep in our Terms of Use. Traditional property managers regularly charge extra for small costs which mean you end up making far less than you expect. Using myRent, you're in control of your budget and profit, with the certainty of only paying one regular management fee.

2. Don't get cut out of the decision-making process

By self-managing your tenancy using myRent, you're at the centre of the decision-making process. This means you control all the costs and critical decisions around your tenancy. Many traditional property managers will cut you out of the process, keeping you ignorant to the condition of the property and how the tenants are treating it.

Costs can easily spiral out of control because the property manager doesn't care about the property as much as you do and may be managing dozens of rentals all at the same time...then suddenly you receive a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars! Self-managing through myRent means that you can control and manage any problems from the get-go and reduce unforeseen costs as much as possible.

3. Clear Communication

Self-managing through myRent provides a structure for clear and professional communication between landlord and tenant. Because myRent clearly sets out your options at every point in the tenancy process (and does the same for the tenant), it creates a forum for well-informed direct communication between landlords and tenants. Talking directly to the tenant means that you always know exactly what's happening and their intentions - this is particularly important for deciding on repairs or maintenance and renewals. Using myRent means, however, that the discussion will remain professional and business-like, with all parties understanding their respective obligations.

4. Record Keeping made easy

Whether you're a first-time landlord or an experienced property owner, record keeping is always a hassle. myRent provides an easy to use and intuitive repository for all your tenancy and property management documents. You can upload or create documents to share with the tenants, and archive past tenancies for your records. Everything is stored on the cloud so you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

5. myRent makes compliance second-nature

myRent is structured around NZ tenancy law - we have built the myRent system so that legal compliance is second-nature. We provide easy, direct access to the relevant forms and documents when you need them, instructions on how and when to submit relevant documents like rental bonds, and easily understood legal information right when you need to know. This means you're never left searching for answers to understand your (and your tenant's) rights and obligations.

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