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How to create a listing as an existing myRent user

1 October 2021

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels

You can create your listing as a new user by using the following steps

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and under Listings select + New Listing

Step 2: If this is a property that you have listed before you can select it from your list of properties if applicable. Otherwise enter the address of the property you wish to advertise and select Next. If your address doesn't come up in the search bar please see our guide on How to add an address that doesn't display

Step 3: Fill in the details for your property, select features, add Tenancy information, and fill in the details including writing a description. If this is a listing that you are re-listing simply confirm the details and make changes as required. Once completed select Next

Step 4: Upload at least 5 photos for your listing, but the more the better. To search your device for photos select Browse. Once you have uploaded your photos can reorder these by clicking and dragging them. The first photo will be the Hero image for your listing. If re-listing your previous photos will appear and you can upload new photos and delete old ones by selecting the Bin icon if required. Once completed select Next

Step 5: Confirm your listing option. here you can choose to add-on a Trade-Me Listing + Super Feature Combo and/or a Feature Listing. Once you have decided on add-ons select Next

Step 6: Check your Order Summary to review what you have selected then to proceed enter your card details and select Complete listing. To change your listing options to the previous page hit the Back button on your browser and repeat Step 6.

Step 7: A payment confirmation screen will appear and you can you can access your new listing by selecting the red Listing dashboard button. This will normally be active across all sites within a couple of hours

Who can use the service?

myRent is built for landlords to advertise their property and to connect directly with tenants. This also ensures landlords receive the maximum response to their listing.

Can I list an individual room?

No. myRent and our partner sites are suited for residential rentals, not individual rooms.

You can create a listing by following the steps below:

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