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Streamlined Tax & Reporting

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Everyone hates tax time (or even worse having to go to your lawyer or the tribunal). Why struggle through mountains of paperwork, emails or files across all your devices when myRent can generate a full summary of your tenancy in one click?

By having all your records in one place, myRent can generate a report on demand which summarises the whole of your tenancy. If you have multiple properties, myRent can also generate a summary for all of them. Provide this to your accountant and they will have the majority of details required to quickly and easily complete the property section of your tax return.

If the unfortunate situation arises where your lawyer or the Tenancy Tribunal becomes involved, then you can send a complete summary of the tenancy which was recorded and verified by a 3rd party. This summary will also be helpful if you represent yourself at a Tribunal hearing.

Our report includes:

  • Record of rental payments, including which tenant paid what and when
  • Property condition and inspection reports at the beginning, throughout, and end of the tenancy
  • Copies of tenancy agreements
  • Copies of the bond lodgement forms and receipts
  • List of maintenance issues including images and videos and any conversation or resolution and invoices (if they where uploaded)
  • Records of any notices served by the tenant and landlord, including when the notices were seen by the other party
  • Receipts for advertising costs
  • Receipts for fees paid for property management

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