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How landlords can minimise no-shows at property viewings?

16 December 2022

As a landlord, you know that time is money. That's why no-shows at property viewings can be incredibly frustrating - they waste your time and can prevent you from finding the right tenant for your property. In this post, we'll explore some effective strategies for minimising no-shows and ensuring that your property viewings run smoothly.

- Different Ways To Show A Rental Property - Open homes vs private viewings

Open homes, also known as open houses, involve inviting the general public to view the property at a specific time and date. Open homes are typically advertised in advance and open to anyone interested in viewing the property. This approach allows landlords to showcase their property to a larger group of potential tenants at once, but it can also be less personal. It may allow for less individual attention to each potential tenant's needs and questions.

Private viewings, on the other hand, involve showing the property individually to potential tenants or small groups of potential tenants by appointment. This approach allows landlords to have more personal and in-depth conversations with potential tenants and tailor the showing to their specific needs and interests. However, private viewings can be more time-consuming for landlords, as they may need to schedule multiple showings to show the property to all interested parties.

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- The importance of pre-viewing preparation

One of the key ways to minimise no-shows at property showings is to ensure that you are properly preparing for the viewings in advance. This includes communicating the details of the open homes and viewings to potential tenants, such as the location, time, and duration.

It's important to be as specific as possible when communicating the details of the scheduled viewing. For example, instead of just saying, "the viewing is at 3 pm," you could say, "the viewing is at 3 pm at 123 Main Street." This will help to reduce the risk of confusion or miscommunication, which can lead to no-shows.

- Use appealing photos when advertising

Photos are often the first thing potential tenants see when searching for a rental property, and they can play a significant role in whether or not a potential tenant decides to request a viewing or attend the open home.

Attractive property photos can also help increase a rental property's perceived value. This can be especially important for landlords who are trying to attract higher-paying tenants or who are trying to achieve a higher rent for their property.

- Use technology to your advantage

Another effective strategy for minimising no-shows is to use technology to your advantage. There are a number of tools available that can help you schedule and manage showings more efficiently, such as myRent viewings and open homes organiser.

An online scheduling system allows potential tenants to view available open home times easily and request a viewing. It will also send reminders to potential tenants, helping to ensure that they remember to attend the upcoming property inspection.

- The importance of follow-ups with potential tenants

Another way to minimise no-shows is to follow up with potential tenants before the viewing. This can be as simple as sending a quick message or making a phone call to confirm their attendance and address any questions or concerns they may have.

By following up with potential tenants, you can help to ensure that they are still interested in attending the viewing and that there are no misunderstandings about the details. This can be especially important if there have been any changes to the viewing times.

No-shows at property showings can be frustrating and time-consuming for landlords. By implementing strategies such as pre-showing preparation, using technology to your advantage and following up with potential tenants, you can increase the chances of potential tenants showing up and ultimately finding the perfect tenant for your rental property.

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What the community has to say
  • AH

    Having just rented out an apartment in Central Auckland I wanted to share my experience with no shows - there seem to be a huge number of people applying but then going silent. Many will make an appointment then no show. These people seem to no answer their phone - so as a filter I suggest to call a few hours prior to the viewing. If they don't answer or confirm their intent to make the appointment it seems safe to assume the viewing is off. This might save a few of you otherwise wasted time from no shows. Hope this helps.

  • CC

    My husband and I always run open homes for 1 hour, it still gives us a chance to chat to people. The last property I rented (August 2022 in Christchurch) had 80 inquiries and at least 20 groups visit, so it would have taken days to meet everyone individually!

  • PL

    I find it very sad how we could be the only ones that have showed up early and the only ones that have showed up at all to a viewing and we feel as we get looked at like we can't afford to rent the homes were viewing and we don't get anywhere. Landlords are so picky these days!

  • KA

    Meeting your prospective tenants at these open homes is so important. Unfortunately there is an increasing number of no shows and i can feel the frustration - but spending time and assessing the nature of the interactions with them is an invaluable part of the renting process.

  • MM

    MM If I get a no show, I don't let it upset me. I just say to myself, ''they are rude,unreliable,and
    disrespectful people" not the sort of tenant I am looking for,So actually they have saved
    me time and effort in showing the property.

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