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Do landlords or tenants pay for gas bottles?

Photo: The Red Door by Jocelyn Kinghorn

The landlord is responsible for making sure that the property has a means of heating water and cooking food. If gas bottles are used for this then the landlord is responsible for the cost of the bottle, but the tenant is responsible for the usage.

Most properties in NZ which use gas for hot water and cooking are on a mains supply, however, some use bottled gas. If it is the case that bottled gas is used for hot water heating or the main form of cooking, the landlord is responsible for supplying bottles. If the bottles are rented then the landlord is required to pay the rental fee.

Whether the gas is mains supplied or bottled, the tenant is responsible for paying for the gas which is used.

It’s important to remember to include the amount of gas in the bottle or the meter reading of the mains supply on the initial and final inspection. A good rule of thumb is that the landlord supplies a full bottle at the beginning of the tenancy and the tenant at the end.

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