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How to choose the best property manager

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Whether you have one or multiple properties, good property management is a vital element of any successful investment.

You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve saved the money, done the due diligence, checked property prices and rent figures, got a loan, purchased your perfect investment property.

But unfortunately, no matter how thorough your preparation to the rental market was and how good your property is, poor management could seriously compromise your entire investment.

A good property manager should:

  • help you find tenants
  • maximise your rental income
  • collect your rent and chase up any arrears
  • keep you informed about any maintenance required and help you arrange a fix
  • make sure you abide by the Residential Tenancies Act

But above all, the ideal property manager should ideally be your Mr or Ms Fixit for any tenancy problem that arises.

If you’re planning on being a "set and forget" landlord, then traditional management through professional property managers or real estate agent is probably the best solution for you. While you don’t have to deal with the day-to-day running of the tenancy, you do pay a premium to put someone else in charge of your asset. Nonetheless, you can walk away and let the process run its course.

But with improvements in technology and new ways of thinking, it may be time to think beyond traditional property managers.

No one will be more driven to provide the best management service, and be more interested in maximising returns, than you. By partnering with a company that provides you with all the necessary tools to manage your property, you can do it all with ease and at a minimum cost.

myRent is designed for landlords who want to run a tenancy like their own small business. We built a property management software from scratch, automated all the routine tasks and done all the hard work for you:

  • created a simple tenant on-boarding process
  • automated rent collection
  • assist you and tenants with bond submissions, tenancy agreements and condition reports
  • help you go paperless by storing all the necessary documents in one place
  • remind you to inspect your property and upload photos from inspections for easy reference
  • help you record property expenses on the go to simplify tax time

We offer maximum transparency at a low cost of $10 per month. This increases your return significantly compared to traditional property management.

Only you can decide what is best for you and your property. But if you choose to take control, we are here to offer you modern tools to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible.

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